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NGD: Fender Parallel Universe II Jazz Strat…a.k.a., Alien Love Ch…


thats a strat i can get down with!


Surfysonic, congratulations on the new guitar. I never tried one of that model but may I say as a Jazzmaster and Strat fan I love it. The color is the best color I’ve ever seen on a Fender. About 25 years ago I was at Black Market Music on La Cienega in Beverly Hills/LA area and they had a Strat with Jazzmaster pickups. I loved the look and concept of Jazzmaster pickups in a Strat. It was a home made mod because Fender didn’t make a guitar like that then.

I love the block inlays on your guitar and the Jazzmaster trem on it.

Congratulations again!


Thanks, guys!

I'm sure I wasn't the first to come up with this idea, but I'll kiddingly say I was ahead of my time back in 2010 with my seafoam green Frankenjazzjagstrat, long since gone and reverted back to a normal strat by the new owner, an old co-worker of mine.

If I remember correctly, I had Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound Jazzmaster pickups and a Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound Jaguar pickup in this beastie. And decals...always a decal nut, heh.

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