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NGD ES-335 w/P-90s


Got an early 50th birthday present (I turn 50 in a couple of weeks). 2019 ES-335 with P-90s. It’s in vintage burst, which I tend to think of as a dark brownish/blackish/reddish over amber. This one is a dark red-almost like a dark bourbon burst. Has 1958ish appointments such as a fat neck without binding and top hat knobs with pointers. The pickups are the scatter wound Memphis CS P-90s. They sound amazing. Guitar looks and plays great. Very happy!

Merry Christmas/Happy holidays to all!



Congratulations. That's a great guitar. An ES 335 is next on my list of guitar purchases. I'm holding out for a 2016 ES 335 Memphis in turquoise. Enjoy it immensely!


I have one in cherry- also a great guitar.


2016 Memphis I meant to say...rum and egg nog and all you know...


That looks gorgeous. Does this have the centerblock or is it all hollow inside like Grant Green's 330-whatnot?


Those are great guitars, Rob! When I was cutting my teeth, as an electric guitar player, an experienced player took me under his wing. He owned and played a single guitar, a red 1962 Gibson 3S-335! I envied that guitar, but sadly have never owned one. 40 years later, it's definitely on my short list of 'necessities'.


Congrats Rob,beautiful geet !

My cousin has a lovely Memphis 63 335 in cherry and its really nice.


Thanks everyone- I figured I should grab it when I saw it as i think it’s a limited run. Always liked the idea of a P-90 335 and would have been bummed if I had missed my chance...


A 335 with P-90s is a great combination. Congratulations.


Wow! Happy birthday, it is!

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