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NGD: Eastman T64/V


It's a Casino clone and a very nice one. I've bought and sold three Casinos over the years. I wanted the combination of a hollow body and a pair of P-90s, but the neck profile always proved to be too narrow for me. This one feels and sounds great and I'm thinking it will be a keeper. The Bigsby is super stiff and will be getting a Reverend spring. Other than that, no mods are planned.


nice! my supervisor at work, the redoubtable Charlie Pastorfield, is looking at an Eastman 335 with PAFs this afternoon.


Nice. Congrats!

Looks like it has their antique varnish finish.


Nice! Play'er in good health!


Oh, now you've gone and done it! The one guitar I continue to find myself lusting after but somehow manage to resist. That one right there is it, and it's making my wallet tingle. Congrats, and I haven't ruled out scoring one of these babies. Great features, tone, and playability all in one. Enjoy!


Is yours distressed? The Eastman website shows their finish appearing aged distressed...is that how they all are finished?


That's what they call they're "antiqued" finish. It's a varnish that's hand "relic'd," and any model with this finish is indicated with a "/v" in the model name. It's a very realistic-looking relic process (I'd say "authentic-looking," but I don't want Gibson to sue me). I've had numerous people look at my t58/v and say "Wow, how old is this guitar?" thinking it was pretty old.


Bound f-holes and P-90's. Nice!


Those are GREAT guitars. Eastman's quality is really top notch - especially considering the cost. Nice choice!


Is yours distressed? The Eastman website shows their finish appearing aged distressed...is that how they all are finished?

– Toddfan

The guitar is nearly mint with no visible fret wear at all, yet it does look like it's a vintage instrument. There's no finish checking a-la Tom Murphy, but there is simulated wear on the upper edge of the body and on the back where your right arm and belly would contact the body. The Bigsby and bridge are also dulled, as though they were 30 or 40 years old. From photos I've seen I think this finish is fairly common on this model. Bottom line: it looks, feels and sounds great.

I like the goldburst finish a little better than amber, but I jumped on this one based on price and condition. Although the finish is not referred to as nitro, I'm worried about contact with padding on guitar stands. I haven't found any reliable information on that.


always better to be on the lookout in any case, just to be certain. i avoid stands as much as possible, and never, ever use them at home.


Here's a video from Eastman with a good explanation on the finish. It mentions Duncan Antiquities, but Eastman switched to Lollars at some point. I'm fairly certain mine has Lollars.

Eastman T64/V video

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