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NGD dig how kool


Ok here's a one of a kind -- Duo Jazzcaster -- Duo Sonic neck on Warmoth Jazzmaster body, Duncan Stratbucker in neck, Gibson normalbucker in bridge, screamin red.

There is going to be a second one of these and this is the one w/ Supertrons... will NOT be red


That reminds me a lot of the Skip Heller model guitar made by FatDawg for a little while. Skip played some great jazz on his Duo Sonic, and the signature model crossed a Duo Sonic with an offset.


I remember him from my Phila days. One time he played a house party as trio .. upright bass, 3 piece drum set, and he was on a Kramer Strat copy singing and playing thru an old small Peavey PA with on small column -- and just kicked a**.


Another insanely/insane cool Birdman project! Welcome back to the six-string world!


Way cool, Birdman! You build nice guitars!

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