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NGD: Cold snap in hell.


Your wife must be PRS'd off!


Someone has hacked Tim's account.


Bad craziness Way Out in Indiana -- where Anything Can Happen. Never figured the PRS scene would overlap the F-hole scene also


I don't think those f-holes look right on a guitar that shape/size no matter who makes it. It looks like Salvador Dali or Man Ray had a go at it.


SE or core line? I have both an SE and a core line. Like them both a lot a lot a lot.


Oh Hell, first a Deusenberg Lap guitar and now this? Is it time for an intervention? Or, what BlueCap said.


PRroteuS. It was meant to be.


Gotta love the inlays! Call it a "gretschie" name and be happy!


At least it’s double cut. Congrats


I feel we need a social worker to check in on Tim..... None of those armed chaps but most definitely a couple social workers.


Variety is the spice of life! How you likin' it?...


Egads and Gadzooks!


Duesenberg next?


Think we may have to take up a collection to build Tim a bigger guitar room! Three NGs in three weeks?


I am NOT a hipster. I've been fundamentally and constitutionally hip from the beginning. I'm so hip I don't even need to act hip.

I can't imagine there will be a Duesenberg, no. I'm opposed to the guitars and can't afford the cars.

It's an SE Hollowbody Standard, a unique configuration that isn't available in the core line: mahogany everything (top back sides neck), and a "true" hollowbody, with just a small block under the bridge. Also - 22 frets, not the more common PRS 24, which pushes the neck pickup away from what I call a sweet spot. As such, it's a reasonably unusual build that I don't have in the inventory, and I was curious.

I've only had an hour or so with it, but so far so good. Very balanced, even, round-ish tone, not even necessarily dark - plenty clarity for articulation, actually surprisingly bright along with the warmth, making the tone knob very useful. (AND it doesn't have the tween-Gib-n-Fender tone the PRS 25" scale gives the PRSeseses I've mocked in the past.) Instead it has...its own distinct (but in no way idiosyncratic or flamboyant) tone. There are no surprises.

Theres'a nice body resonance which comes through as warm support, without quite the focus and bite of a centerblocker, full but not low-end boomy. This is with the stock 10s; when I go to 11s, I'll expect it to get a bit bigger.

The demos on PRS's site provide a very good sonic representation of the guitar, and I would agree with the pro reviews I've read.

The guitar is available in "Fire Red Burst" and "McCarty Sunburst." There's a lot of variation in the appearance of both woods across individual examples: I got the McCarty in neither the most vivid nor the drabbest iteration I've seen. It's plain-ish, especially for a PRS, but on a close look has some subtle figure in the book-matched top, and an attractive (but not flashy) furniture-grade back.

Wide flat neck carve (whatever that means in PRSspeak), which I find perfectly comfortable. I'm also enjoying the 10" radius and 1-11/16" nut - which were part of the rationale for the purchase. PRS pays a lot of attention to subtle physical and dimension details of every spec, as much for playability as for tone. On these SE Hollowbody Standards, I think they intended to build a traditionalist guitar for old guys, and so far everything's working for me in that regard. I wouldn't have minded fatter frets, but these mediums are fine - and there's only 22 of them!

Build is careful, precise, and neat: on the outside, perfect - and on the inside not a drop of glue to be seen. The bridge block has fully radiused rounded ends and is sanded pretty smooth. Joints have traditional kerfing. I think there may also be parallel braces under the 5-ply top. The guitar feels tight and unitary, and fit and finish are flawless.

In build I'd say it lives up to PRS's high standards and reputation for quality and detail, and in spec it's just far enough from the "classic" PRS configuration and aesthetic to strike me as a completely different instrument.

Those are all first impressions. I had fairly high expectations, and they've been met. I'm not blown away, and I don't expect the guitar to change my life - but so far, so good. The honeymoon hasn't even really properly begun...we're more or less just pulling away from the church with rice in our hair and cans clanging behind the car.

Time will tell.


Three NGs in three weeks?

I sent one of the Hags back.


The f-holes don't bother me. Kinda part of the spec. (Though completely enclosed hollow would also have been pretty special.)

If anything, the guitar is a little plain. I may put Imperials on it (or at least change the buttons to something bespoker), and more distinctive knobs. Black speed knobs seem unnecessarily generic. It may be the understated, dignified PRS, but a little dress wouldn't hurt.


When I saw the Title, I thought it was about Indiana...then I deciphered it to something completely deeper after checking the NWS.


Oh Lord...

Only kidding. You like it? Have at it. Life’s too short.

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