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Well,to start,I did something I thought I'd never do.I bought a guitar on line.From Guitar Center of all places.It was advertised as "in like new,excellent condition".It is.Its one of their 12 string models.Plays and sounds real nice.The action above the 7th fret is a bit high for my liking and the string height is as per their specs.The action from the open position to the 7th fret is perfect.I will address that by cutting the bridge saddle down a bit.I hadnt owned an accoustic in over 30 yrs til last year when I bought a D'Angelico archtop.A 12 string I havent played since about 1975.I am loving this guitar so far,only had it 2 days.


I bought a Martin 12-string about two years ago - one of their less expensive models. It's fine to play below the 7th fret. Above the 7th fret? Wouldn't want to go up there these days on a 12-string!

I must say that the Yamaha APX 12-string I had about 20 years ago was an absolute gem -- low action wherever you went and great sounding mono/stereo options from the onboard electronics, although its purely acoustic sound was just OK. Shoulda kept it nevertheless -- they're a clever bunch at Yamaha.


One of my sons has a Yamaha 12 string that has great action all the way up the neck.I forget the model at the moment.Pretty sure I can get the action down some by grinding the saddle.Kinda hoping there is a shim under there when I get around to pulling it.The LR Baggs preamp/pick up on the Breedlove is fantastic.3 band eq,vol,phase and a notch control.Oh and a tuner that works well but is kinda hard to see.Dont see me ever needing to amplify this,but its nice to have.I never played a Breedlove and am very pleased with the accoustic tone.This is a lower end model from them,its discontinued but went for about 1200+ bucks when new.I got it for 510 with shipping and packing and tax.


That's a very nice 12. Congrats!

If it feels right and sounds right, I wouldn't have too much buyers remorse about online with GC.


No buyers remorse at all,I was always against buying a guitar without actually holding it in my hands first.It worked out well this time.


Glad you're happy with your purchase.

I've bought 6 [playable, one for restoration] guitars over the years and haven't gotten stung once. I always take them to my luthier to have work done for my personal preferences but I've never experienced a guitar with undisclosed issues. Oh, and all of my purchases were private deals, and not from a dealer.


Nice. Let us know if you end up keeping it.


Oh,its a keeper.I never sell guitars.If I tire of one,I give it to one of my sons.


Was able to cut the saddle down to the max,any lower and the strings will mute on the wood part of the bridge.The action is much better,but I'd still like it lower.I have to realize that,as I said,its been over 30 years since I owned an acoustic and I am spoiled by very low action.Even my D'Angelico archtop acoustic has very low,electric like action.I'll just have to get used to it.Much more playable above the 7th fret now.The "timber" on this guitar is amazing.When you hold a chord and shake the neck the tremolo effect is huge.


Spoke too soon about it being a keeper.Its going back tomorrow trying to post a pic lets see if it works.I opened the case this morning to this


Well,alls well that ends well.I contacted customer service at GC and they told me to just bring it to any store to return.I walked in,put the case on the counter,opened the case and the sales guy couldnt get me the refund fast enough.A big thumbs up to GC.Being it was a used instrument I thought they may not do a return,and actually expected some resistance.The kid immediately asked did I want cash or a store credit.I went and looked at a few guitars and decided to buy this https://www.guitarcenter.co... It wont be in stock til March 3rd,should ship that day,3-4 day delivery time.I asked if it came with a hard case,he said no.I pointed to the case from the broken guitar and asked if they wanted to sell it back to me.He took the guitar out of the case and handed me the case and said "keep it,its just going in the trash anyways".Makes me think I should do some dumpster diving out behind Guitar Center,lol.


That new one sure has a pretty top! Everything should go well with this one. It's nice to here that the service you received from GC was every bit what it should've been.


Yeah,I was pleasantly surprised with GC.I was very impressed with Bredlove.I had been in contact with the repair dept manager about the bridge truss and the hi action.She was very helpful. When the bridge snapped I sent her a pic and she offered to send me a new bridge free.Now this guitar isnt one of their top shelf American made and I'm not the original owner and she knew I bought it used

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