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NGD: Back in the bargain basement


This Hamer popped up in my local store. Since having my left wrist busted in a road accident about 18 months ago (it's now as good as it's ever going to be) I've come to appreciate guitars with 'compact' necks and I find these Hamers are very comfortable to play — the 24-and-a-bit scale length helps too. This one has two very vintage sounding P90s. It's secondhand but you wouldn't know it. £149 with an excellent Gator hard case. I added the Harmony cupcake knobs — they're easy to grip.


Set neck? (Did Hamer ever MAKE any bolt-necks?)

That's a steal of a price!

I have a doublecut Korinna Artist with P90s, and yep, there's everything to love about a nice Hamer.


Awesome find, Dave!

Time for your inner Rick Neilson to shine!


150 Quid? Great deal! Enjoy that beauty.


"Time for your inner Rick Neilson to shine!"

Hi crowbone: Nah, it needs at least another four necks!


What an unpassible deal! Congratulations on a great find.


Inexpensive instruments are very often the most fun of all, only ever a light set-up away from excellence. You don't worry about them either.

Enjoy it Dave, it looks superb and the P90s will sound fabulous. The new control knobs are perfect, full of phenolic fun.


Great deal Dave,it would've been silly not to buy it at that price,congrats!


I'd say that's a sign of good luck Dave....great guitar, P90s, awesome price. I have a feeling you'll definitely enjoy that one. Congratulations!!


Just spent an hour or so giving it a good old rattle in the basement through the Traynor and a Carbon Copy delay. The P90s are very nice -- enough poke but not overwound. Everything else works like it should and the neck feels comfortable. It will make a good gigging partner for the 5420.


Nice score, Dave! You can never go wrong with P90's. Play it in good health!

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