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Just Another Strat Another Trade. I had a Partscaster I didn't play because of its mega-sized frets (I kept squeezing the strings out of tune -- my bad I know). A pal had this 1989 Korean (Samick factory) Squier Strat he didn't play because he found the frets were too small for him -- so job done.

Despite its 31 years, the Squier has hardly a mark on it. The neck is very good and the pickups are, well, Stratty. No tinkering planned in the near future.


Early Japanese Squier = good stuff. I like tall frets but stop just short of the ones where you can squeeze it sharp.


A new guitar in the house is always great to have. Congrats, Dave! Was the Partscaster you traded the white one with the lovely body scars?

Btw, you probably know that people who come here expect something else when they read ASAT.


yeah, i was expecting G&L content.


Congratulations on your new guitar, Dave! I love older Japanese electric guitars from that era, that's when they really starting to get good!


the more i look at that guitar the more i like it. there's something about the body contours that's subtly different to a Fender, but actually feels gentler and more graceful.


That's a little cutie, I built my partscaster strat as a way to use a Korean Squier neck that I found so comfy.


OK, sorry about the asat reference -- just a daft joke.

Sascha: Yes, the one with "the lovely body scars" (great description!) has gone. It was great to look at but that new neck was a bit much for me -- never felt comfortable. I suppose I could have shopped around on ebay for another neck, but this Korean Squier came up as a straight trade so I didn't even have to spend any money.

Also, I've been up to my knees in Partscasters over the past few years (absolutely nothing wrong with Partscasters -- still got three of them) but I just fancied a complete, unmolested basic Strat, regardless of where it was made. Samick did a lovely job on this one and, despite its 31 years, there isn't a mark on it apart from a few pick marks on the pickguard. It came in a nice case too. I'm pleased with it.

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