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NGD — another 650 project


Lightest one yet... just under 7 pounds. Be advised the pre 2010 ones --before they bulked up and put on weight -- fit in a SG case.


These are beautiful guitars. I had one of the heavy ones, but to my disappointment I just couldn't get along with it. There was something about the feel that didn't fit right and I could never dial in a sound that pleased me. I'm sure I was expecting more of a Ric sound - but this is not your typical Backer. I'm fairly sure the problem was me and my playing "rut". They were selling for $650 new at that time. Have fun!


It may replace the current 12.

As stated the later ones while not heavy by absolute standards, are like 1.5 pounds heavier and don't have the body contours of the early ones. Thicker neck also. Still that one turned out great -- but was $$$ project.

Yes, these are very non-Rick like guitars. And as far as I am concerned plenty o jangle out of a bridge Rickenbucker


Congrats DC,another cool project ahead , eh..

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