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NGD - Agile Fretless


as im tapering down to a the 24.75 scale length, i needed something LP-ish to fi the fretless bill.. lo and behold, someone i knew had one, couldnt bond with it, so i snagged it for super cheap (250) and he even did a coil split on the pickups for me.

Im really liking this . it has a nice songlike sustain, essential for fretless stuff, that by comparison the Tele couldnt do as easily. Its fluid and quick, but well defined. Im very impressed with the build quality of these as well!

Minor issue is the pickups are a little too hot for my taste and have too much output compared with the rest of my guitars, but thats an easy fix.

Got its inaugural run on our bhangra gig, which we pulled off!

So if anyone needs a fretless Tele, or Tele body, let me know:)


speaking of fretless, have you seen?

Cenk Erdogan Link...

nice trio



Congrats...and you don't have to worry about a fret level/dress. What kind of strings are you using (I'm assuming some manner of flats)?


Thanks! Im using the Daddario flats -- they seem a little brighter than Thomastiks, which are great for that damped jazz tone, but not what i need.

I run a custom set -- 0085, 011 (or 0115), 015, 024, 032, 048 - but my tuning is CGCGcf, low to high.


Mustafa - Being a new(ish) player, i cannot for the life of me, imagine how you can play fretless guitar. Forgive the silly question, but are there markers so you don't get lost? This has to really challenge the ears! I'd be all over the place.


Modernhorse check out this demo by Guthrie Govan of the Vigier Surfreter, he explains the whole fretless idea really well, I almost wanted one ;-) Link...


I've never played a fretless guitar, but I have played a fretless bass and it doesn't take long to train the fingers where they need to be. I would love to try one but I've not seen any in stores around Louisville.


Lower the pickups, and they'll no longer sound "too hot."

My own adventures in fretless-land didn't last long. I had the Godin Glissentar for about 2 months and resold it. Can't play with frets yet, why push my luck?

That said, it may have been the combination of fretlessness and nylon that doomed the experiment. Something with more sustain wouldn't force me to demonstrate my merely approximate finger placement quite so often.

I've wondered about the Agile fretless Lester (I guess it's a Less Paul) - figures if there's a DEAL on one, Mustafa would find it. There just aren't that many guitarists trained in on the fretless thing...

I'd be interested to hear it in action.


modernhorse : side dots or markers help, but after a while arent necessary -- though because fretted guitars have them, its a little disorienting to not have them, even if you dont need them. make sense? The odd thing about the Agile is that they offset the side dots to be right over where the corresponding fret would be, rather that in between the two ... so its taking a little visual adjustment.

I played guitar for 20o r 25 years before abandoning it for sarod (fretless Indian instrument) and oud ((fretless Middle Eastern instrument). when i picked up guitar again i hated frets , and found a fretless. It was a Vigier, as Tubs linked to. great neck, but awfully metal sounding guitar and just not my tone. In reality, ive only been playing fretted guitar again for about 2 years. still rusty.

Proteus: welcome back, and honored to have you post on my meager thread! (bows). sorry you gave up on the Godin, you could have done great things with it. The lack of sustain on any fretless is an issue,though, and a nylon string set up will compound that.

I did lower the pickups, but its still not in output range of the others. lower still they must go.

you want to buy my fretless Tele? :)

One sees these Agile fretlesses on ebay fairly regualrly -- people buy them and dont stick with it, so they can be had for 200 - 300. And as i said, the build is shockingly good.

Hope youre well, my friend, and hope our ill-fated plans may yet bear fruit for this year.


the "lack of sustain" is what makes using an e-bow on one, to make it sound like a ney/flute is so ingenious...ala cenk erdogan in my link above and the master he learned from Erkan Oğur

went to the rondo site..that agile is a great "in" to fretless guitar




try switching the magnets on the pickups to A2 or A3.


check out this demo by Guthrie Govan of the Vigier Surfreter, he explains the whole fretless idea really well, I almost wanted one.. Tubs.

Sensational video, especially of him playing country on a fretless. It almost sounds like a cross between a pedal steel and a fiddle. One of Britain's very best.. (Is there any style that this virtuoso can't play in?)


Very interesting video! In fact both videos linked to on this thread are great. I find it fascinating but for now I'll stick to my frets and just admire the fortitude of you fretless guys!


Ritchie, I remember Guthrie when he used to work in McDonalds in Chelmsford.

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