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Silver jet tops


I have a question about the sparkly tops of the silver jets over the years, and that is if gretsch has changed the material/sparkle they use on the originals from the 50s, the 90s ones, and the current ones? I only ask because it seems like most vintage silver jets I see almost look new, hardly any aging, whereas almost every one I see from the 90s appears very aged/green and almost always peeling (?) around the edge of the body. The current ones obviously look new now, but will a 2017 silver jet still be nice in 15 years, or will it get that strange grey/green tint? Maybe there is no answer, but it was something I kept noticing and just curious about


The originals were laminated with drum covering. It's indestructable. Same for Duo Jets and Firebirds.


The new ones are the same drum wrap, right? Did you ever have any issues with any of your jet tops delaminating?


No. The new ones are not a wrap.

– Billy Zoom

Do you know what it is? Just sparkly paint or something?

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