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I looked on ebay they seemed to be $3000+

– Toxophilite

I'm with you too rich for my blood but they are worth the $3,000. I just don't have the money.


I do like the color. Sometimes guitars that looked aged are really fake. Like the Fender tinted neck finish. I think now they do it right but in the past it would look like orange stain.

The way these guitars are finished they look like true vintage color.


Yes, they're looking and feeling real old. I love the grain all around !!


Mr. Holly that's a good setup that you did with the electronics. I bet it sounds even better now. I never heard of this maker of guitar but I really like what your guitar.

– ThePolecats

I believe my 2014 White Penguin was made in Japan at the Terada factory as were/are other Gretsch guitars.


I bought one of the Three Bones last year when they first came out. It was really well made, as you might expect from Terada, but I just couldn't get on with the placement of the middle pickup, plus the pups were so noisy they would even pick up the electrical noise from a passing bus! That and the long scale meant it had to go back, unfortunately.


This one was louder unplugged and more agressive than the other one. So I took this one home ! The noise is just like on my other singlecoil guitars.


That is a sweet looking guitar.


Where did you get your armrest? Did you make it?

– Toxophilite



Few things beat a dream guitar. Congrats


That's a beauty. Was not aware of that brand.
What strings do you have on it?

– ThePolecats

The guitar came with ss D'Addarios but the fella spend me a set of this pure nickel strings. It's made by a guy,who worked for D'Addario and they're sounding great !


Great choice of strings. I almost bought the same strings but I went with some DR pure nickel. Same gauge and a wound third like you.


I have lusted for T-Bone's L5 for years and this beauty would answer the call. She is a beauty voodooholly and congratulations on the acquisition.

Money is way too tight for me to indulge right now and would have to dump by Black Phoenix and my Tokay Love Rock to get her though. Maybe one day but I do love that guitar!


I saw those online, I'd like to try the twin pickup one some time. Priced a little on the high side for a no-brand though, I think.


I saw those online, I'd like to try the twin pickup one some time. Priced a little on the high side for a no-brand though, I think.

– WB

I agree WB. I don't know how fast they move their guitars but one would think that being no-brand, they could sell more and make up the profit margin with more sales by lowering the price.


I agree WB. I don't know how fast they move their guitars but one would think that being no-brand, they could sell more and make up the profit margin with more sales by lowering the price.

– NJDevil

In way it's funny how we buy things based on the name on the thing and what that should mean. Not based purely on the quality. Sometimes the 'name brand' things end up sloppily made as they're trying to churn out a lot and resting on their laurels and the 'no brand' items are actually better made and of higher quality because they have something to prove. yet they are still less expensive than the name brand things. Just not hugely so. However I too wish they were a lot less expensive. I feel the largely inflated prices of name brand items are now driving up the prices of the no brand items.

New gibson ES-5 switchmaster - 6000 US Copy $3000 US Half price and I'm betting better made I still can't afford it though!


I'm definitely not saying the big brand name guitar would be better, but it would definitely be easier to sell, and for a better price, should you ever want to get rid of it.

And in this case, check out the Japanese guitar store "Walkin' guitars" They have their own Gibson copies made under the "archtop tribute" name, from what I understand they're also Terada made. At half the price of these guitars.


Chris Casello told me this year at Musikmesse Frankfurt, that he has the original one and the Kingsnake is easier to play!! He told me also, that they really knew, what they're doing at Terada.


Hi everybody, Hi Holly ! I'm the distributor for all Europe of the King Snake guitars, also dealer/reseller. Just few words to answer to your questions and comments. There is no price on the King Snake european website because it's a show room, just to see all models and specs. Just check the dealers list and connect to their website to know the prices. The prices on my shop website (www.mij-guitars.be) are full official prices, as you can read you just have to ask for today's best price to receive an offer, also in january we have a one month sales period with 15% discount on the King Snake guitars. Yes these guitars are made in Terada factory Japan, by the Gretsch team ( they even use Gretsch parts ). The best japanese factory for semi and hollow body. I remember the English customer who complain about the noise of the pickups, he didn't complain only about the pickups, he complain about the finish too, saying that they failed the paint job :))) It's one of the most important points of these guitars : the vintage finish. As you know some Gibi historic custom shop have the same finish too. These King Snake are really brand new vintage guitars, at all levels. Regarding the pickups, he is the only one to finds them noisy. Anyway, we accepted the return of the guitar without discution. If you are interested in these guitars, please check all pictures and videos on our websites, feel free to ask any question you have in mind. And yes, Chris Casello wanted a three Bone after he try it few times at the Misikmesse ( my booth was in front of TV Jones booth ), but they couldn't reach a financial agreement with Japan and Chris doesn't have his Three Bone yet ....


Hi Michel, nice to see you here.Yesterday I played this guitar for the first time in the Rehearsal room. I raised the PU's at home level before and had to regret it. This PU's are so hot,that I have lowered them. I played it into the high input of my excelsior and maaaan it was hot and punchy.After that, I played it through my 63 Bassman. The sound was big and even when played very loud, no feedback.Underneath the bridge area is a waffleboard, that makes this possible. A lovely bluesy sound in the Bridge position and a lot of Rockabilly tones are living in this big box. The acoustic is big and warm and is delivered by the amp,too.


Thank you for the update Holger, i'm still curious to hear the sound of the guitar after your mod's, let me know when you come again to my shop :))) Merry Christmas and all the best for you and your daughter for 2018 !! My best wishes to all members of this forum of course !


What a coincidence: I just bought this one (a '49):


What a coincidence: I just bought this one (a '49):

– 58dutchie

Looks great Dutchie. Maybe time,to compare them.

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