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NGD: 1964 Gibson LG-0


Got really lucky on the weekend and picked up a vintage all mahogany Gibson acoustic for a song.

It’s got serious mojo. I love the thuddy sound. It sounds far better than the expensive Jeff Tweedy signature Martin, and the neck is far more comfortable than the ladder braced Waterloo’s which go after the ladder braced blues box thing.

Like most ladder braced student guitars of a certain age, the bridge is pulling the whole top up in a bulge. Anyone gone down that avenue for repairs? I’ve read some forums with people replacing the whole bracing with an x style design.

I’ve never gone down the road of vintage restorations, but do have a good luthier and have kind of fallen in love with this ugly duckling.


I have a 64 gibson, b-15 all mahogany that l've had forever, love it's voice, it's mellowed over the years, not as loud as a big body guitar but sings on its own. the one on the end, next to my Gretsch Boxcar.

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