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NGD: 1953 Gibson ES-295 Sunburst



It has not been so long since Greasy G posted his fabulous '55 ES-295 over here, but now I want to share this with you: a 1953 ES-295 in sunburst (refinished)! Fantastic guitar and apart from the refinish (a very old one!) completely original. The finish glows under blacklight and must have been done years ago. The guitar has a 1953 serial number, a 1952 FON and the early, rare, Les Paul engraved tailpiece. Comes with a brown/pink Lifton case. Sounds and plays fantastic with two very powerful and very 'throaty' P90's! It seems all the 295's are coming to the Netherlands! In fact, I bought this one together with a '58 ES-125 (both from the UK). Danman, now you need an ES-295 too! And yes, this one really is going to stay!

But, since the guitar has been refinished already, I'm thinking of having it refinished again (aged) in some cool custom colour, like Cadillac Green, aged Pelham Blue, Sherwood Green, Surf Green, etc...what do you think? Do or don't? That way I can make it my very own unique and cool ES-295!

Here are some pics:


I love that 'burst I wouldn't change a thing.


That's sweet.

What's the difference between that and an ES-175?


Just the pickguard and later models of 175s had the different tailpiece/ bridge combo.


Killer guitar! It looks like the refinish is nitrocellulose. If you decide to refinish it you should also use nitrocellulose.


Here is one that Phil X says a 1955 -


Oooh, wow! I wouldn't refinish it, that sunburst looks great with the creme colored pickup covers and pickguard.



Didn't Bear have one?


Congrats! I wouldn't change a thing.


Very cool! Yes, you guys are making it very hard for me not to own one.... ; )
I would leave it like it is too. The refin looks old and cool. It's a player! My favorite kind!


Aye, Bear's was an original burst ,iirc.

I wouldn't change anything ,although Caddy green would be cool.


Aye, Bear's was an original burst ,iirc.

I wouldn't change anything ,although Caddy green would be cool.

– JCHiggy

Feck me, that's gorgeous!


As usual, I'll be the dissenting vote to keep the sunburst. Please refinish it in a fun solid color, unless the top has a very nice spruce grain that could also look cool as a blonde. Giving it a lively solid color will sure personalize it and get comments from folks.


I like and would leave 58duchies' as is but if I had a second one I would agree with Mr Tubs.


Sweet, sweet guitar! Since it's not the original finish anyway, do with it as you will. Caddy Green or Pelham Blue would both be incredible! As the former owner of a Pelham Blue ES-345, I can tell you that it was an eye-catcher on stage.

Anyway, have fun with that beauty!


Beautiful!. They did release a few in suburst. Are you sure its a refin? I would leave as is but if i was going to refinish id go gold. although they do look beautiful in blue


I might be inclined to keep it sunburst unless I was 100% certain (not even a little doubt) that it was not an original finish. If it is in fact a refin and you want to paint it I would say go back to original gold. They are just so cool!


Here's a pic of Bear's.


I'm not a fan of sunburst myself, but that Caddy Green is a beauty!


Well I have learned the hard way, your own idea of a super cool finish may not be everyone's and thus make it harder to sell... so unless you and the 295 are married to it til death you U part, I would leave that nice vintage patina sunburst. Plus even if you do find someone who wants your cool custom finish they still don't cover your costs -- so you almost always eat the cost of the cool finish you put on .


I know this conversation is pretty old, but I'll jump in...I recently bought a ES 295 that is just the body and neck (all in pretty good shape). the Body has been sanded down by the person I bought it from....I'm wondering what to do with it...

There's a part of me that wants to bring it back to it's original glory, but there's another part of me that wants to experiment a little...with finish/ pick ups. Possibly just do a natural blonde...the wood grain is sweet and aged...a refinish would be new looking (i'm not crazy about relicing).

I'm thinking of making a bigsby style pick guard possibly with an attached Charlie Christian in the neck. Maybe put a dynasonic that fits in the bridge position (there are many manufacturers that make them)...

Note i already have a ES 225 with two P 90's and bigsby...

would love to hear tour thoughts.


How is the grain on the back - and any photos, front and back?

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