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NGD: 1949 blonde Gibson ES-5


I can tell you I bought my ES-350/ES5 prototype from Gruhn's in '91 for $1400.

– spike

Even then, a very decent price for that gem!

I traded for a (minty, flamey) '53 ES5 at a shop in SF, circa 1985. I traded two guitars, a c-melody sax, and a bit of cash. I think their asking price was around $1,300. Ended up trading the ES5 for an equally clean '51 350 plus a Gibson tweed amp. The 350 became part of a trade too, for something that I also traded away (seriously). Now my head is spinning.


Oh man they totally did me right.Came off the price $250, and had me call from a payphone down the street to give cc info so I wouldn't have to pay sales tax and shipped it for free. The dude who sold it to me was quite tickled that a young fella was buying it to play rockabilly gigs with instead of a pipe smoking jazzer (which I now am, natch).

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