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NGBD = my demented world of doublenecks


The beat goes on with this double-sided guitar / bass thing straight outta the smoldering factories deep in the heart o' China.


Just because you can doesn't mean you should.


Is there a centerwall between the sound boxes, or is it one double-deep affair?

It looks like it actually might be pretty practical. Holding the currently unused side against your chestbelly will obviously kill any resonance from those strings, so I see no reason it mightn't sound fine.

I just wonder if the extra neck gets in the way of your left arm positions. How's it working out?

Edit: well, OK, I see it's one double-deep box.

This guy has an approach:


Try finding a hard shell case for that.


It's certainly an oddity, I saw them while surfing the net a while back. How practical is it to play?


if there's pickups in that thing, i hope there are on/off switches for either side. otherwise the strings on the unused neck rubbing against your chest/clothing would generate unbearable scraping noises out of the speakers.


Multi tasking at a new level, eh? I guess it's kind of cool but it's more like i enjoy watching someone play something like this. Put it on a recording in my car and it probably wouldn't do a darned thing for me.


The neck access works, at least for me but is a little different than normal. Like most all Chinese stuff it needs a ton of set up. Haven't heard it plugged in yet. Will keep you informed --but if it's demented, I'm interested.

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