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Merry Christmas to you all, Got My presents early. about a week old. 59 Bassman LTD, James Burton Tele. They are great!


Sweet deal. That's a nice rig.Happy Holidays


Nice! I've always wanted one of those James Burton Teles. I know the Bassman will be nice. I hope we hear a good report on these two! Congrats!


Merry Christmas indeed Mark and Santa was certainly good to you! Kickass guitar so please do provide an update once you've broken the gifts in with your mojo.


Ho Ho Holy Cow! Merry Christmas.


I can say this, Compared to my 68CDR, which sounds good, yet Very boxy compared to the Bassman. and it's not even broken in! bassman is so full, warm and the solid picne cabinet smells great when the tubes warm up!!!!! The Tele? Although it's set like a strat, it is way far from the tone. This Tele is very nice. Make & build are very professional. The feel is amazing. The s-1 switch makes very nice tone when used with distortion. It does everything. The neck PUP clean is very full and almost hollowbodyish.


Well, Merry Christmas is right. SCORE!

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