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New Year’s frenzy — radius is king


Thanks for the reality check Curt. I didn't consider the economic consequences, just the physical act of building the neck.


When factoring in a CNC there's still a lot of expense and handwork. The CNC I bought was $10,000.00 and the software was $4,000.00. Understandably it gets depreciated and the cost is spread out of many builds AND way cheaper than a human. After that you either have to spend months learning the ins and outs of vectoring not to mention measuring and entering in the dimensions or pay someone.

Here's how a CNC finishes off a neck, this happens on both the heel and headstock.


and i would imagine that builders hold their coordinates and data very close to their chests. to make it economical, you'd have to be able to essentially scan a neck in 3D and have it print to the CNC machine.


Well one option I had was wait (how long?) for a fully hacked Musicmaster neck to come along and then have it re radiused/refret/refin but that is still an expensive proposition time waits for no one so went off that idea.l.. so I have ditched the whole 2020 scene of original Musicmaster necks, and have switched my allegiance back (where it was until a few years back) to Gibson

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