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New slab (times 2) day


Thanks guys. Yes, DC, if you mean my house. My old Musicmaster bass. If you mean at Atomic, I didn’t look.

dlaf_2, when you go to a CVTele, off to the left there is a button comparing the next 4 for sale and there is listed the weight.

– Bob Howard



Congrats! I dig my Squier Tele too! Nice scores!


I really like my Squier Bass VI, Bob. There just aren't enough opportunities to use them. But, that low rumble is sure a great thing to experience. I can understand why Duane Eddy enjoyed playing that old Dano 6-string bass of his.


Nice scores! I LOVE my Squier CV Teles...

And a CV 50's Strat I played not too long ago (I believe it was just like yours) was amazing... If I didn't have four Strats already, I would have bought it as well..

Here's my CV Custom and CV 50's Vintage Blonde - -

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