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New old Telecaster day: 1960 blonde slab board!!!!


Now, I know that it is completely ridiculous for me to own something like this and I never expected that I would. But a pre CBS Tele has always been one of my dreams. But it was a dream, like I have and had so many. And dreams are very nice to have……

I started buying vintage guitars in the 80s when they just were old guitars and not ridiculously expensive like they are now. But one of the advantages of prices going up is that your guitars become more valuable. That means that you can do some trading to get closer to what you want. And recently I have done some trading that was pretty lucrative.

So then suddenly a few weeks ago this dream came within reach. I had doubts why I should own something so expensive. But then I thought: If I don’t really pay this amount but trade up, what does it matter what it’s monetary value is, if it’s something that I really want and in my opinion one of the coolest guitars to own…. So I am selling some guitars and some other stuff.

It’s a 1960 slab board blonde Tele with great provenance, meaning that I know who (someone very well known in the guitar world) bought this guitar in 1979 and used it for 30 years before selling it to a friend of his. This friend used it until recently but is playing less live and bought a very old acoustic to play at home with. So this had to go. I was very lucky because it hadn’t been advertised yet. I heard about it through a friend and jumped on it. It was expensive but luckily no where near the prices you see on the internet. Man, I’m a happy camper.
It looks exactly the way I think an old Tele should look. Used well but not abused….. And it resonates beautifully!
I can’t wait to find the time to give it a refret because I struggle with those tiny frets. Still deciding on 6105 or 6100.
So here it is:


a fine addition to your collection! congratulations!!!!


Thanks Paul. I just can't put it down! When are you coming over to play it?..... ; )


That looks perfect! This is a genuine players condition Telecaster. I would even be hesitant to refret it right away unless it needs it. Excellent!


Sweet! I lived and breathed Telecasters for over 20 and had some nice ones, including a '53 and '57 Esquire.. and at least 5 others. They don't do it for me now, but still cool when a good one comes along for someone.


Oooooh...Ahhhhhhh. Congrats!


Thanks everyone. It really is something special to be able to own something like this!

@Buddy: I'm sure there are people that could live with these tiny frets but I can't stand them. I feel I am fighting the neck constantly. And if I want to play the guitar it has to feel right for me. Otherwise I might as well just hang it on the wall....... I refretted all of my vintage guitars. I understand that some people see it as a waste to loose the original frets, and I understand, but for me it's like changing the tires on a car. Sometimes it just needs to be done...


Wow, that is a dream come true right there! Can we hear it?


Welcome to the club! They are a joy unlike anything else.


Welcome to the club! They are a joy unlike anything else.

– spike

Yes they are!


As a lovely GDPer used to say: That's the way to do it!

So many guitar designs are a matter of taste. But you can't argue about a Tele. Congrats, Dan! I love it.


That's a cracker Dan,congrats!

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