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New Ibanez Teletypes…


Do we have an opinion about these?


Anything uniquely different about them sufficiently compelling to justify their existence? Does the market want or need them? Are there enough rabid Ibanez fans who will buy an I-Tele before a Fender (or one of dozens of other choices)? Anything about these to attract buyers who don’t care about Ibanez?


Well apparently Gretsch 335s and Les Pauls have a place in the market (or--indeed--Collings Jets), so why not Ibanez Teles?

It's a brave new world Tim.

I don't know, maybe some kid picks one up at GC and gets inspired. That can't be a bad thing.


Oh, there's no why-not. Just: what, if anything, is there in the design or spec of these which would make them a choice?

I like the idea of a vibrato on a Tele, but am always tripped up by the details. A Bigsby is the most obvious choice, and we're somewhat used to it from long exposure, but it really does eat the top of the guitar and have some impact on tone. A Strat trem (as I assume these are) may be a better choice cosmetically (and maybe functionally, haven't tried one), but also looks slightly Tele-transgressive.

The gracefully elongated upper bout and cutaway on the Ibanez, the curved control plate, the pickup complement? On first glance, I don't hate any of these...but they don't have me pumping my fist in the air and yelling yeah either.


But why didn't they put it on the trem models as well?


Needs viagra.

– Mr Tubs

looks like a boomerang:)


That’s an expensive guitar with an ugly headstock.

I had a friend that had a Steve Lukather model, if they reissued it without the Kahler, it might be worth the money.

They should have used this “Roadstar” headstock.


Looks like a minibucker in there ... maybe it's for Ibanez shredders who want to broaden out some but not leave the vast Ibanez universe

Guitar world running out of ideas or a geetar maker just trying to get a piece of a known seller/familiar look?


For me it falls into the territory of players who wished they had a tele shaped body with an Ibanez style neck.

Nothing that I'm in love with, but anyone who isn't married to brand identity will probably find some use for it somewhere.



And I'm not an Ibanez hater by any stretch of the imagination.


Whatever. It’s a brutal marketplace out there. Whatever sells.

I’ve tried the Fender Tele with a Bigsby and it was weak. I also have a Meridian made Peavey Tele and it rocks. As far as Ibanez ripoffs go, my Rick lawsuit bass is awsome. But that Tele with an attempted Jazz Bass control panel is fugly.

Glad I work in healthcare.


Glad I work in healthcare.

We're glad you do too. Full respect and honor, and stay safe.

We're also glad you're so good (and so generous) in your ampin' hobby!

I had to go to the Iby site to see the headstock...and I rather like it. I think its profile is complementary to some of the design elements on the body, and vice versa. Looks integrated to me.

I'm still agnostic about the guitars themselves. Some of the pickup/switching combos are at least interesting, though a feller would have to hear them to know for sure.

The prices seem silly. Really, 2,500.00 guitars?


Needs viagra.

– Mr Tubs

Is this they Peyrone signature model?


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I'd have to pass, regardless of price point. Ibanez already flirted with a Tele-ish Talman. If I were to go the Ibanez route I'd go with the triple lipstick Talman.


That guitar (the Ibacaster) caught my eye, too, but that's about as far as it went. I am a fan of whammified Teles, in the form of the Rev Eastsider S and my homemade Chetacaster II. I've built, bought, and sold Teles with Bigsbys. They seemed a natural for me, but yet, it didn't work out. But an Ibanez, with a Bigsby, and some twang, yes, it can be done, and for that, I have the Talmantron.


I knew you had a Talman (or two), Frank.

Here is the Talman "Tele":


Not really my cup of tea, but it's nice to see something a little different. I love a good tele, but I still think they are one of the ugliest guitars ever made. In that sense I can appreciate the Ibanez.


don't hate 'em, don 't think they're ugly or overly derivative. they just don't interest me. i have my own ideas about how to optimize a Tele design which i'll get into once things are more settled, but arching the top and adding a Strat vibrato are not on my list.

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