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New Guitar Day


Really missed having a Tele, so this one followed me home:

Fender American Professional 2

I will post more details and impressions after we get to spend a bit more quality time together.....but if looks could kill


One more (for a little bit better look at the wood grain/figuring): Thinking the 3 ply guard with all the chrome screws is a bit much. Thinking about doing a single ply black pickguard with black screws for a simpler, cleaner, more early "Blackguard" look.


Congrats!! Everyone should have a nice tele.


if looks could kill

You’d be a goner!

Nothin’ like a yeller Tele. Today you are a man. Congrats.


That's bee-too-tee-full! I really like that color!

The Am. Prof. II models check all the boxes for me, assuming I had the dough to get a new Tele. Don't these have the "new/revised" pickups on it? Do you like them?


Congratulations on the new guitar, Gretschadelphia! That would be the one I would pick out of the bunch. Nothing beats a real Fender Telecaster (IMO). I can't imagine why I don't have one yet. I have an American Elite Stratocaster, but I haven't followed through with a Tele yet (and I'm Gassing for one even more now)! Play her in excellent health, with all the enjoyment a good Tele can bring.


Congrats!! Everyone should have a nice tele.

– Bonedaddy

...or five.


Congrats!! Everyone should have a nice tele.

– Bonedaddy

Ive got a bad one.. Well it needs a good set up though.



Such a classic look for a Tele that.


You can’t whack a nice Tele, but you can whack someone with one.


Nice. My Tele is my favorite. Looks very similar to yours, except gold body. Josh built it.


Love it. The brass saddles nearly match in color!


That's hot! Congrats on that acquisition!


That's a real beauty, Gretschadelphia! Congrats on the new Tele. A true classic.


Ooh! Very noice! There's something about a good Tele, that just can't be beat. My Fender Britt Daniel Thinline says hi.


I think that some things are simply a must and a Telecaster falls into that category. Congrats.


Congratulations! I love the grain. I wouldn't bother with the screws and stuff. It looks great to me. I would just play it a lot.


Really missed having a Tele, so this one followed me home:

Fender American Professional 2

I will post more details and impressions after we get to spend a bit more quality time together.....but if looks could kill

– Gretschadelphia

Nice congrats


Nice!! Oh and I will be following your lead very soon as I started my investigative journey into all things Tele back in October.

Right from the start, I was looking at options that were wider at the nut like the Pro II. I started looking at Michael Kelly models, then the Reverend Pete Anderson Eastsider T, the Koch Gristlemaster, and then the deep dive of the Fender world.

Hours of sound samples, some sampling wit friends and a good deal of input from Ruger. Versatility personified but really have nailed it down to a Vintera '50s modified, a 2020 new American Pro special run with custom shop '58 single coils, and the American Pro II.Still in the running is a Deluxe Thinline and Reverend option.

The Pro II looks to be choice and just deciding on maple vs. rosewood and yes, I can hear the difference. I like the Rosewood option for the bridge but the maple for the neck and middle poition. I also love the top-loading option in addition to the string-thru.

Congrats Gretschadelphia and please provide a tone report when you get to play her some!


A few interesting spec details for the American Pro 2 (some unique to the model):

Body: Roasted Pine (instead of swamp ash for translucent finishes due to dwindling supplies of lightweight ash; non-translucent finishes are still alder) IMO, the roasted pine looks great and doesn't appear to negatively effect tone whatsoever. The roasted pine is also nice and light with the guitar weighing in at only 6.9 lbs with no chambering or Strat-like body contours. The brass bridge saddles are also new. Besides being compensated for intonation, the saddle ends on the low E and high E are contoured / bullet shaped. A nice comfy touch. The neck heal is also contoured. Like most of the modern style Fender Teles, the nut width is a bit wider at a more Gibson/Gretsch-like 1.687" w/ a genuine bone nut (a nice touch). The fretboard radius is also the typical contemporary Fender 9.45" with really comfy rounded fretboard edges and fret ends. Frets are what Fender calls "Vintage Tall" which feel and look like slightly taller med jumbos. Neck profile is what Fender calls a "Deep C" which feels pretty much like a typical Fender 60's "C" w/ a bit more girth in the 1st position. Back of the neck is a really nice slick feeling satin while the fingerboard is gloss (not sticky either). Electronics: typical Tele one tone/one volume but with a 4 way switch allowing both pu's to be put in parallel or series by pushing down on the tone knob. The pu's are very interesting. Both V Mod 2 pu's use different alnico magnets: Alnico 5 for the low E and A poles; Alnico 3 for D and G poles; and Alnico 2 for B and high E.

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