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New bits for an old friend


I finally broke down and bought new pots, switch, and jack for my Ibanez AS83. It had a ghost short in the wiring somewhere which deteriorated into a full time no-bridge pickup and I put it in it's case and have been playing my Gretsch's but I really wanted to get this guitar going again so I did it.

It has GFS Mean 90s and I put CTS 500K audio tapers with dissimilar treble bleeds (680 pF/100K in the bridge and 560 pF/150K in the neck) in the volume positions and CTS 500K linear taper in the tone positions configured in the Gibson 50s wiring style with some NOS Russian PIO (.033 uF) caps between the V and T pots for each pickup.

Through my little 5 watt, it sounded SO much clearer, well defined, lots of harmonics and keeps the high end right down to almost off. Instead of the tone pots being wide open as they were before, they were more like 1/3 open and sounded exactly like what I imagined P90s would sound like in this guitar. I can't wait to get it to practice!

Plugged it in briefly to my Pro Jr. And wow, this thing is a beast compared to the way it sounded before!

We won't discuss the pain in the a$$ changing the wiring harness in a semi-hollow is.


I wish I could do this type of work on mine. Good on ya.


I'm glad you have your old friend back! That repair had to be a challenge, one that I haven't had to attempt yet. It sounds like you made a good choice on the components. Happy picking!

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