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Never mind Les Paul Juniors. Here’s the Burny Rock’n Roll Version.


Hey good people.

Just wanted to share a nice guitar that fell into my hands. It's a late '80s Burny (Tokai) Rock'n Roll Version. Obviously a copy of a Gibson Les Junior (DC version introduced in 1958). The pictured guitar has a wonderful fat late 50s neck, set-neck, good pickup is overall a great instrument. Since it was covered in loads of DNA by the former owners I kinda had to bring it back to life but was surprised how smooth it went. Had my luthier working on the fret ends since the wood dried over the years. Then I added an interesting Faber wraparound bridge with blades out of different materials (plain strings brass, wound strings titanium) and it suits her well. The black pickguard looked nice but then learned about Ivison Guitars (Thanks, Tubs! You mentioned him somewhere recently.) and besides the fact that he builds marvellous guitars he offers handmade pickguards from NOS celluloid. I had to have one. So on it went.

Now the guitar is all you'd expect from this model. Straight into your face, twangy yet punchy with loads of sustain. Since I have a "one in - one out" rule I have to think if to forward this or something else. I'd miss her for sure.

Here's a few pics for you:

EDIT: 'Burny' is actually a 'Fernandes' guitars brand name, not Tokai.


Neck pocket and so. Nicely tanned, isn't it?


Distant cousins. (With the original black pickguard on.)


Stock bridge. Japanese work-of-art. Is there anything weird going on?


WOW! A genuine tailpice! Worth the cost alone!

Slab with a P-90---all you really need! The tort looks great on that.


Fab! Looking at it makes me wanna rock! Classy too.


Never till know knew that Burny brand was actually Tokai. Nice piece


Wow....big fan of Japanese copy guitars...and Burny's were some of the best. Super cool and must be a tone monster.


Love that 80's Burny/Tokai stuff. There is a great goldtop copy out there as well.


How could that not sound great?


Great looking pickguard as well as everything else. Been gassing for a P90 slab and have been looking at kits.

Edit: thanks for the link to Ivison guitars! He has a whole thread on building a Junior/DC and it's inspiring.


Love it.

A DC Jr will absolutely be my next acquisition/project.


Very nice Sascha. I'd keep that one. I've got the Hamer version which I now think needs a torty pickguard.

Hope all is good in Berlin.


Aye,ya gotta keep that one Sascha,its too cool!


The tort guard looks awesome sascha, the guitar looks to be very well made. I like the "SG TAILPICE", it's kind of cool how it's misspelled. I have a Suzuki LP, that I bought in 1981, when I was stationed overseas. I've kept it all these years, and it also is an excellent build. The Japanese makes great guitars!


Very nice.

Got a soft spot for Juniors.


Very nice, I want a dc Jr really badly. Congratulations!


i love mahogany slabs above most other guitars. i love that to bits...if i had one i'd have to go all Johnny Thunders, and i don't even like Johnny Thunders. it might not be the most versatile thing ever, but when the one thing it does is so great who cares?


What JimmyR said. Like!


Thank you very much for the kind (and encouraging) words, guys. You haven't been helpful supporting the idea of selling this, though... but what did I expect? :)

I tried to avoid the term but it's true... the guitar rocks. The boys in the band and I are going to record a punk pop tune this week so I guess it will make its first appearance there.

All is well here in Berlin with far too little time for making or writing music or simply playing guitar. Since I started "adjusting" some things in life about two years ago many things happened. Mostly in a good but quite challenging way. Still love all those guitars but would get along with only 5 or so very well. Maybe I'll sell the Bigsby equipped single-cut. Or maybe not. Ha!


Very cool, Sascha. Those Burnys are not bad at all!
I just refretted an early 90s Burny, white Les Paul Custom. It had a twisted neck but I could sand the fretboard enough to get it completely straight. It plays and sounds very good!


Very cool, Sascha. Those Burnys are not bad at all!
I just refretted an early 90s Burny, white Les Paul Custom. It had a twisted neck but I could sand the fretboard enough to get it completely straight. It plays and sounds very good!

– Danman

Burny must have copied the twisted neck from my old Gibson LP Special. Brought a brand new LP Special in the early 90's that came with a neck twist. That guitar made me swear off Gibsons for years, but it motivated me to learn more about guitar construction, set-up, etc. While the most I can do is a basic set-up, I learned how to recognise problems and avoid buying another "dog".

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