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Need A Bit Of Help To Identify This


I bought this at a church fete near on 20 years ago. It's been modified, with a different scratchplate and humbucking pickup. I've looked around a bit on the web, and also on Drowning In Guitars Facebook page, but drawn a blank. I know some of you people on here have an interest in these guitars. I'll throw a few pics up.


I've got a feeling the White part of the scratchplate is original, maybe the knobs as well.


Looks like a bit of everything went into it. The real question is how it sounds. You just know that nobody else has one.


It looks like there was a nameplate of some sort on the headstock but that's long gone.


Also had these with it.


And she's made in Japan.


Actually, doesn't sound all that good. I was thinking if any of those other parts came from it, I could maybe get it sounding better. Action on it is pretty high, too. Good for slide !!!


Too bad that those rocker switches came out of it because they would be very cool to have in it still.

My guess is simply one of those Teisco-era Strat-type guitars from the Sixties that flooded the world from Japan in those days.


That's what I thought. If I could find a pic with similar pickups and rocker switches I'll convert it back. It'll make a good surf guitar !!


There's a reason that most of those Teiscos disappeared.


Looks like a heavily modded Satellite .


John, the headstock on that guitar looks larger to my eye than the one in Rusty's photo. Does it look the same to you?


Yep, I'd say a Satellite too. First thing I thought of when I saw the badge legacy on the headstock.


Rusty, the parts in your first pic look like Satellite parts, the 2nd pic do not.


Headstock/necks look different. Maybe a Harmony/Kay knockoff?


Gee, the Satellite looks really close, body, bridge and trem. Even the color. Could be on to something there. Thanks guys.

I might pull it apart when I have time, to see if those large single coils will fit and if those rockers are part of it.


It also looks quite a lot like my first electric guitar, a Global from Montgomery Wards (Monkey Wards, heh heh) The headstock and the bridge are exact, the body is a slight variant.The neck at the body is a dead giveaway for me. But then, I notice quite a lot of similar guitars with various names on the headstock. I put my bet on ALL of them coming from the same factory, somewhere in Asia as orders filled for Teisco, Global ,Kay, Harmony, Silvertone and all the rest of the affordable guitar distributors. (LOL, in my fantasy world it's probably Cor-Tek) Mine actually had a trem too,not that one. Not a very good one. Mine also collected aftermarket parts, mostly due to the fact that the originals broke, bent, were inaccurate( the bridge) or were just plain YUK( pickups). Probably the thing that drove me to luthiery to begin with.


Bit of an update. This is what I found when I pulled it apart. Also, the body is made of layered plywood.


So I guess these ones fit.

Now to get a new scratchplate and put it back together almost original.

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