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NBGD Added another one in blue


Took advantage of My Music's going out of business sale to add this Yamaha Pacifica 112J in a shade of blue very similar to Agave Blue that I had in a MIM Strat previously. Very nice Straty sound from the neck & middle. The humbucker in the bridge is not to my taste. I was trying to figure out whether I could put in a Strat or Tele pickup, just hang it from the pick guard screws, or maybe a different humbucker. Well made guitar at a killer price. Very moddable.


Great bang for your buck guitar. Nice score!


That's a very handsome color. Good luck with the new guitar! MD


I had a MagnaTron put in the bridge, plus a mint green pick guard. The Magna is a bit louder than the other pickups, but otherwise fits well. It's bright bright guitar.


I think the Magnatron certainly looks better than the original humbucker.

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