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My Tokai Jumbo Acoustic


I probably posted pics of this guitar in the past but I want to just talk about it a bit now. Some background.

If you are interested these Tokais are great when you get a good one. I haven't played this one in about 6 months because I been busy or playing other guitars. I took it out of the case the other day and hit a big ol' open chord and man was it beautiful. I am now playing it a lot the past few days because I have had some time off to play.

I bought this in 2002 off eBay. This is a aged natural I suppose. I didn't care for the color and would have preferred a real natural blonde color but now it's grown on me. I loved it so much I bought another that year in brownburst but that one sounded weak for some reason. This one sounds much better so I sold the other one about 7 years ago. I kind of regret it because the other one was a beauty. Much more beautiful and a bound headstock. Not sure why on this color they went with unbound. But if I had to keep one this would make more sense because the sound is really rich and deep and projects well. I believe that now this guitar has really broken in well and the sound has opened up a lot since I bought it. I know it's been 15 years so it should but I can tell you it's significant.

I have Black Diamond black coated strings on it. My usual strings would be John Pearse or Ernie Balls. Both 80/20. I tried these Black Diamonds not because they are coated to add longer life but because they are black. I saw an acoustic at Salvation Army with black strings and thought it looked great so I wanted for mine. These black strings looked better on the Sally Army guitar for some reason but they look good here too. At first I didn't care for the sound as much. They weren't as boomy if you will as Pearse or Ernie Ball but after not playing this for about 6 months and playing it again I think these strings have more definition and bite than the Pearse or Balls. These are 12s. I tried 13s on it before but 12s do much better.

I don't see these on eBay anymore and I am not sure. I am sure glad I got it. I want to try to learn an Everley Brothers song or two to hear how it sounds. I am an Everley Brothres fan anyway but now I should really try to learn a song or two by them.


I used to think that the Tokai and Antoria were made by the same factory but I just found from Google that the Antoria brand was made in Japan by Fuji Gen Gakki but I am pretty sure my Tokai is made in Korea. Oh well nevertheless it's a heck of a guitar that Tokai.

I know how to play this song and it sounds pretty much the same. I know the Antoria may not even be on the record but I am just saying my Tokai pretty much captures that sound and tone. They may have used an Epiphone Jumbo or a Gibson Jumbo or even a Tokai, not sure.


I know Tokai-casters are well thought of, also.


I know Tokai-casters are well thought of, also.

– DCBirdMan

I've heard great things about their solid bodies. Maybe they are Fender Japan without the Fender logo. Same factory maybe?


That's a lovely geet !

I regret not buying an Antoria 175 a few years ago,i was looking for a something to 295 afi when i came across it ,but it was so nice looking i didn't want to paint over the rather nice flamed top and back,the shop wanted £395 for it. It did need the bridge cleaning or replaced and pickguard also.


Looks nice! Don't know anything about them.


me likey! i have 2 Tokai electrics, a Love Rock sunburst Les Paul and a Love Rock TV yellow Les Paul Special you can see in my avatar photo. i've never played an acoustic Tokai, though.


That's a great guitar Polecats and being a Tokai, I am quite sure it is pure quality.

Like macphisto, I have a Love Rock LP model LS-135. Exact specs as a Gibson R8 and love it.



I've never owned one, but I've had enough buddies and read enough to know they are high quality.

...that one looks nice!

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