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My Telecaster build


Hey Joss...doing OK. Lots of pedal and other gear adventures, tendonitis still annoying but I'm dealing with it. Still recovering from a bicycle tumble a month ago, though - lots of strained muscles around the core, apparently. Pretty disabling for the first week, but I can now do pretty much anything - I'm just reminded by twinges that I'm not quite in tune yet.

Grey would be an interesting choice for the Tele. Don't see many gray guitars, for sure. And yes, a transparent stain...it doesn't look there's much grain pattern in the guitar, but it would be nice to bring out whatever there is. Kind of a Fender Antiqua look, but actually dyed in the wood. And not as blatant. I'd keep the guard black or white, though, if going grey.

My imagination always defaults to classic Tele yellowish/cream/whatever-that's-called on the first Teles, though. Maybe because I've never had one, and it just seems right.


My #1 Tele. Butterscotch that is barely transparent. You can just see the grain and glue joints.


Great project Unc. I came here to get opinions about the 4-way tele switch mod that I'm looking to do to my Squier Classic Vibe 60s Custom Tele. Maybe I'll post this here (if you'll forgive me) if it might also help you with your build.

I'm looking at a few options. Obviously, one being getting a 4-way switch and doing the soldering myself. Otherwise I'm looking at a few kits that I'll list below. StewMac has unwired and pre-wired options, and there are drop-in, no-soldering-needed kits from Kinman and ObsidianWire, and probably others. (To be honest, I'm lazy and leaning towards pre-wired.) Anyone have any experience with these? Thoughts?

(I know with some of these, I may need to replace the knobs and/or the base plate, and there's one ground wire that needs to soldered to the neck pup cover.)

StewMac premium wiring kit: https://www.stewmac.com/…/P...

StewMac pre-wired: https://www.stewmac.com/…/G...

ObsidianWire: https://obsidianwire.com/cu...

Kinman: https://kinman.com/model-ha...


That's a pretty trivial re-wire. You can surely do it yourself.


wrt Tele pickups, I loved the Fender CS Nocaster bridge pup I had in my former Tele. I've been looking around too, and there are lots of great options. I picked up the Squier CV as a stop-gap measure when I started to rebuild my guitar collection and I was hankering for a Tele to spank. It's a decent guitar, but eventually I'd like to find "My Tele" which I imagine in my head to be a slightly beat up classic beauty with a rosewood neck that feels like it was made to fit into my hands. I want that classic Tele sound, with maybe a set of pups that have a little bit of extra bite and presence in the bridge and a nice open clear-sounding neck pup.

So far, just from hearing samples online, I like what I hear from the Fender Texas Specials (I love the CS Nocasters, of course). The Kinman Broadcaster set seem cool, too. And they're noiseless.

Looking forward to seeing how your Tele build progresses.


Oh Jonh,most definitely whatever you do with this Tele you’re gonna love it,so many sonic avenues you can take with this guitar. I used Texas Sp in the neck and middle and a SD Jerry Donahue in the bridge on my NashTele build.You definitely got options galore my friend.

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