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My old workhorse….‘69 Eko Ranger 12-string


Just sent this pic off to a new friend as he wants to compare it to his from the same era. Looks brand new and to me, as lovely as the day I first saw it hanging in a small music store on guitar row in Barcelona. That time was the golden era of "bummin' around Europe" and I toted it around parts of Europe providing entertainment and accompaniment for many an instant party on a train, a beach and many hotel rooms.

The angle I shot it at doesn't show the finish cracks in the thick lacquer but they're part of it's charm. Been a solid player and a survivor, given these guitars have a bolt-on neck. Very popular back in the '60's/'70's.

Share with us a pic of your 12-string, electrics also welcome to the party!


Beautiful EkO!

This was my buy...1965 D12-35. A deal. First Model year, has an extra brace under the Top compared to following production.

Drove it over to Martin Summer 2011 for its reconditioning, did the Tour, etc., when we were in NYC.

Takes 10 minutes to settle once taken out of its case, but then when put into good tune what a machine!

Good for 40 more years...


Those Eko 12s can be set up to be great players -- one reason is they have a bolt on neck that you can shim. The Vox labeled ones were equally kool, especialy the electric model. And like their Vox counterparts both acoustic and electric, they had that the thick clear coat that always checked.


I've been lucky with this one. Never had the neck off or ever needing to be shimmed. It has a nice warm tone. I like the funky shaped pickguard.

You can get a reissue of these, readily available 'across the pond'. A lot always for sale on eBay but the newer ones don't have as deep an amber color.


Lovely Eko, Windsordave. I have a Ranger Six, use it all the time. Records so well.


No picture.... sadly (Although I am inspired to look through old PR shots, just in case). My first 12string was an Aria jumbo, almost as big as me!

Got it new in 1968, and sold it off as a case queen during a small downsizing fit more than twenty years later, in 1990. Went to a lot of parties, happenings, concerts and jam sessions with it in the interim.

Fat, loud, and possessed of a tone unlike most anything else I've ever played, there are times even still when I wish I'd never let it go. But then I remember...

The way the bridge was slowly moving toward the nut, pulling the lower bout up over a period of several years in a curious shape that in profile resembled a pregnant lady's belly, and

The neck that was just a little too wide for my very short fingers, and

The way it resisted utterly every attempt to put a pickup into or onto it, and finally

The only way it was comfortable on my body was to have it as high on my chest as George Harrison wore his Rickebacker.

... and I begin to remember why it became a case queen in the first place as I moved to the slightly slimmer, thinner-necked Takamines.


Speaking of neck sizes, this one is easy for me from the standpoint that I don't have to 'adjust' to the extra bit of width because my SC, Gibson Gent and Eko E85 6-string are all 1.8" at the nut or zero fret. This Eko 12-string is 1.88", with the 6-string Eko that I play more than anything else already at 1.81". And the neck on this 12 isn't overly deep either and I can just grab the low E(s) with my thumb.

For those not familiar with these guitars, this 12-string has an aluminum nut, a zero fret & the bridge is vertically adjustable, making for an excellent action!

My 6-string had the same bridge but I had it removed, filled in and replaced with a fixed bone bridge to facilitate mounting of the LR Baggs Anthem system.


Electrics welcome to the party, eh? Well here's mine.


Growing up in the seventies I thought every adult owned an Eko and if you had a twelve string you had to be a school teacher. My parents were very much part of the folk scene and I would have been about ten before I realised that not everyone played guitar and sang. . .


Ah, Mr Tubs, plenty Party Twelves floating around back then. I recall so many, yet so very few with a full complement of strings.


Eko Rangers have the mojo, and have long been on my own wish list.


One other quick note on my Eko pictured above. While it may appear to be black, the pickguard is actually a very deep tort color, and it's thick too.


I got my Rickenbacker 360/12V64 which i bought new in 1989.

But the first 12 string a got was a Fame by Hondo 760/12 electric IIRC i bought in 1987, candy apple red with black hardware.This was a great little guitar that i wish i'd a kept.


I do like that Hondo... Nice red.


I really like that shad of red too!


Only six strings, but an Eko Ranger nonetheless.


Twelve strings courtesy of Revelation. The nut is nearly Four feet wide, Dave. Four feet!-

Edit- Got a bit carried away there. it's 48.5mm/1.9inches...


Twelve strings courtesy of Revelation. The nut is nearly Four feet wide, Dave. Four feet!-

Edit- Got a bit carried away there. it's 48.5mm/1.9inches...

– ade

That width sounds lovely, Ade! Nice tort plate too.

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