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My old Musima Record project back on track!


Before the crash I opened this topic on an old guitar I got from my wife. A late 60's Musima Record. Carved pine top, maple back, cat eyes, 9,5" radius. Sunburst, 2 single coil simeto pickups, a non-tremolo tailpiece, 4 way switch, tone and volume pot.

More specs here

It's way thinner than my 5125, but the body is more massive. It's a light guitar too, impressively loud acoustically with great projection. but yeah, the pickups were microphonic, it was missing vibrato, the sunburst finish wasn't too pleasing, so I decided to mod this one to my liking.

Handsanded the finish, took it to the service to have the frets renewed, new inlays installed, little holes and damage to the wood and binding repaired. Now that it is done, and I have a budget to have it completed, I can have it painted.

So, this is how it looks now. It will have my old DeArmond 2000's, Kluson tuners, a Bigsby B3.

The plan was to have it painted white, with a few layers of this glow-in-the-dark white paint. Poly finish.

Not sure how much you will see, as the light reflected is fairly low. It should work when it is nearly or completely dark. Could be cool during a concert, shut down all the lights and all you can see is that guitar appearing like a ghost, playing some spooky twang.

As for circuits and switches, I was thinking 2 3-way tone switches, off-dark-bright and a mastervolume. A phase switch would be cool as well, but I'd rather not drill in that top. So, with both pickups on, humcancelling, that should give some useful combos (neck dark, bridge bright, vice versa). I'd have to check on the values of the caps and whether it actually is possibe.

I still need to decide on the bridge, TruArc 9,5 radius, stainless steel, hole-tone, appeals most. The height of the bridge could be an issue, I'd have to check the specs. I'd have to elevate the 2000's a little anyway, we'll see.

I'm also looking for the mastervolume dial. What I've seen so far doesn't really seem to fit the vibe of this guitar. I suppose I could just use a Gretsch dial, I like those best and am familiar with them. It wouldn't bother me so much as this guitar is not a Gretsch, but I'm open for other dials.

So, cap values for the 2000's would be the biggest question mark. Has anyone tried say a varitone switch on these pickups? Which values could you recommend?




Sorry to derail, but thank you. I had completely forgotten the make of my first half decent acoustic. It was a Musima: I remembered as soon as I saw this thread. Don't know what happened to it, but I'm still playing 45 years later.


Pretty guitar---Cat's Eyes rule! I'd avoid a Varitone myself, but that's just me. It's the ultimate mud switch---21 dB cut for everything over 150 Hz. Substantial cut. The DeArmonds are pretty bright and twangy, so I can understand the need to tame them down. Why switches instead of a pot?


Well, it only has 3 holes, so that's one for mastervolume and 2 to serve as a pickup selector and separate tone pot at once. I'd really like to try blending a dark pickup sound with a bright pickup sound so with a bright-dark-mute switch that should do the trick. Having pots would give me more control over the sound, and probably it won't be that easy switching between pickups, but it's a limitation I'd like to try and work with.

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