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My new archtop, Gibson L5 CES VS


Congrats! That's beautiful!


I dream of owning one of these almost on a daily basis. Congratulations you fortunate son of a gun.



They both sound really nice,the full fat CES is the jazz tone,the thin CT is a little more focused ,a bit brighter ,you can hear the differences, although small.


Your new Gibson guitar is lovely, Paolo! It's probably just about everyone's dream guitar, it certainly is mine. The sunburst is very beautiful, absolutely stunning. Play it in good health!


Beautiful instrument and great playing Paolo. My Tal Farlow is the exact same classic sunburst and it's playability is second to none. I've had it for almost 20 years and expect it will be with me for the duration. I must admit that I've always yearned for an L5 or a Super 400 though. Up here in Canada they remain the rarest of birds however, and I've never actually come across one. Probably just as well, there should always be something more to covet. One more grail to call us. Congrats and keep up the fine work...


here's a shot of mine...if it uploads...


I had one just like that first sunburst one seen here. Just fanastic. But I went from it to an Japanese Epi Elitist Byrdland -- this as a few years ago.


The L5-CES was always my dream guitar, but between budgetary constraints and my modest guitaring abilities, I could never justify it. I scratched the itch with a Peerless-made Eppiphone Broadway that I modified, and a Terada-made Elitist Broadway, which is as close to an L5 as I'll ever need:

Congratulazioni, Paolo!

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