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My new archtop, Gibson L5 CES VS


I finally decided which would be the archtop for me, the choice fell on Gibson's house !!! I opted for a Gibson L5 CES vintage sunburst !!! Here I also show a L5 CT of my musician friend Nino Cavallaro.


Nice looking classic you got there, what strings are you using out of curiosity ?


Thomastik jazz swing .12, beautiful string!!!!!!


Good for you, Paolo!

Reminiscent of my early 70's Super 400...Teardrop Golden Sunburst I think they call it...


Beautifull super 400!!!!! Grazie BabaJoe!!!!



The L5 must be one of the most beautiful guitars ever made. Such a perfect shape.

You are allowed to take the sticker off the pickguard you know.


I do not mind stikers "custom shop", however I will evaluate in the future. I'm always a bit reluctant to change what any of my guitars, maybe I do it for better conservation over time.


Beautiful guitar and it's one that once I look at I can not take my eyes away from. I played one not long ago and it was perfect in every way. Enjoy!


Beautiful guitar Paolo,congrats!

I have to say ,i love your friends CT too, that red is too cool!


Grazie NjDevil e Graxie JCHiggy, yes this cherry is beautiful!!!!


Lovely!! Body sort a like a Byrdland except it's thinner.

I wish there had been that Eliitist reissue done with a sharp cut.

But at this point I am not spending 6K on any guitar. :- (


Wow!! GORGEOUS!!! Both of those guitars are on my Bucket List of Bucket Lists!


Congrats! The new L-5s are beautiful and great sounding/playing guitars. I had the privilege of trying out a red one like your friend's a year or so ago, it was heavenly.


Great giffent!!!! Great guitar, for me a dream come true with this two L5; The test sessions with my friend Nino, with these two L5 attached to my Fender twin Reverb have become a haven. Really really a dream !!!!

Paolo!!! Grazie senojnad e DCbirdman!!!!


Those are fine guitars. My teacher has an older L5, maybe early 90s, upon which I gaze enviously every time we practice. It even sounds beautiful unplugged. MD


It unplugged sound a dream, maybe that's the secret! Grazie mad dog!

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