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my latest short scale obsession…


...is these little Melody Makers but sure they can be had for a better price -- single and double cut version are cool. There may have been Epiphones like this for even a bit less. Does anyone know if the 3/4 size Melody Maker was done when it switched in mid-60s to SG body?


Also dig this regular scale one w/ buckers and a Bigsby



just how long is a 3/4 Gibson scale? i don't think 24.5 × 0.75 is the correct formula cos an 18" scale would be more like mandocello length and the resultant guitar absurdly small. if my math works out and a Duo Sonic with its 22.5" scale is considered 3/4 size to a Strat, proportionately a "3/4-size" Gibson would be ~21". is that in the ballpark?


From what I've seen, the whole "3/4" size guitar is a marketing description rather than mathematical accuracy. I had an ES125T 3/4 and the scale was about 23" or 23.5". Very fun guitar, as well as the ES140's I've tried. Gretsch really needs to make something like either of these. Small thin (or thick) archtops project really well and make great travel guitars. Make them strictly acoustic and you know everyone here will get one and start modding like crazy. I'd go with a 24" scale to make them more interesting to a larger demographic, and make sure there is enough string clearance for a Dyna sized pickup.


I just found that some of the early Greco Thinline copies were a shorter (Gibson) scale. Nice timber and they sound great


Yes, the term "3/4 size" is just wrong... it's just used in describing Melody Makers and the Juniors that were 22.5" scale like the early Fender Duo Sonics and Musicmasters.

Only other short Gibson I knew of was the 23.5 Byrdland.

But the mission goes on. Trolling seriously @ this point.

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