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My latest guitar-Ibanez Artstar


I just got back from Dallas where I picked up my latest guitar. I have been wanting an ES335 type of guitar without the expense of the Gibson model. I found this guitar and knowing how much I love my 76 Ibanez L5 copy, I figured I would like this one as well. Many on this forum expressed their like for the Ibanez brand, so I purchased this one. Not sure of the year, maybe 10 years old. It plays great, really has a nice feel to the neck, and I would call it a slim neck...it feels great in my hands.


and one more...i think its a keeper...the frets are in great shape, good action, good tone...it will fill the bill for me for the 335 lust...haha...i will put 11/52s on it however...flat wound


Nice Ax Larry Ibbys are nice instruments. I've never seen one I didn't like.


I love my Ibby and yours looks like a real beauty. I love the burst pattern.



I keep trying to tell myself I don't really NEED a 335 type...then Gretsch goes and rolls out a bunch of center block fiddles. The nerve!


Mine looks the same except for the headstock inlay, tailpiece, and jack position. But I wouldn't call the neck thin on mine.

I would say yours is at least 10 years old, those headstock inlays were common in the 1990s. They came out with the newer Artcore headstock in 2002, according to the catalogs.

Also, mine is an AS73, yours is probably an AS80.


Well maybe thin neck is a relative term...its not as fat as the Epiphone ES335 that I recently sold for that reason. And yes, you are right it is an AS80.

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