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My Gibson Acoustic Trilogy part Three : J-160 E


Gibson J-160 e John Lennon , year 2000. 1 p-90 pu , 1 tone , 1 volume Is this even an acoustic guitar ? Or an electric that looks an feels like an acoustic ? Old school hybrid . I woundnt recommend this guitar to any one looking for a good acoustic guitar. Its got all the acoustic sound killing ingredients in the book : laminated top , ladder bracing , and an adjustable bridge. Built like a train and feels that way. According to the books , Gibson made it this way in an attempt to reduce feedback. The sound level unplugged , is several notches below a normal acoustic Gibson . Sort of tin can, compressed at lower than normal level sound. To top it off , I've got flat wounds on it. But on the other hand, countless Hits are written and recorded on the J160e. The Beatles used them of course, Miced at the sound hole ! I guess George Harrison said the J 160e was used on every Beatles album . And thats the sound this one also makes . Very distinctive . So in my opinion - not a stand alone Guitar. She is always ready to go - plug it in to just about anything , no battery needed . You have full control with the pots placed on the face of guitar. And that maybe where it shines - playing with others - a distinctive sound that cuts through even plugged in.


The Beatles used them of course, Miced at the sound hole!

They also used them as electrics. If you're listening to an early Beatles song and hear a fat round electric tone that doesn't sound like a Gretsch or Rickenbacker, then it's probably a J-160E through a Vox.


Gee, you sure are building a nice stable of acoustics. That's another very nice one.


There is a little story about this one also . I bought this one on e-bay , so it had a life before me. Its been around the block , no breaks or repairs , but its been used -a lot. A few things have puzzled me about it : It had no fret wear . It has big frets (is that normal on the 160e?) , maybe its been refreted ? If so , somebody did a good job , I can't tell. It had/has two wide strips tape residue running down the back of the guitar. I could not clean them off at the time , but I see they are slowly fainting away now. The Tuners where cheap Klussons lookalikes , wich did not do the job. The back of the neck is smooth ,without wear or scratches, but there is a spot where lacker missing on the back of the neck, treble side from around the 7-10 fret . I think this guitar was used a as a slide guitar , velcroed to a table or stand. The e bay seller thought It might have belonged to Luther Dickinson of the Mississippi All Stars Band . The original HSC case was full of airline tags. I have never found a photo of Luther playing the 160e , but I did find one photo where it was hanging in the background. The give away- those pot knobs

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