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My Gibson Acoustic Guitar Trilogy. Part one: Dove


Trilogy ? Why not , have 3 of them -left . The Mighty Dove , my favorite Guitar. In the 70´s I lived on St Paul blvd, Rochester NY. Right by the Great House of Guitars. There was a used Dove for sale, and it wasn't cheap . And as Bob Seager said , I didn't have a dime to spare . Don't think I could play guitar either. I never forgot the how good it looked. Many Years later I had Bucks and knew a few chords . I'm in town , and looking to buy my first new "hight end" guitar. HOG has a New Dove in their big glass cabinet . Andy takes it out for me: One G chord and I held on to that guitar. I had never heard guitar that sounded that good and powerful . 20 years on I can say it was a good choice for me. The Dove is a loud and clear guitar. Maple body and 5 piece laminated maple neck . 25.5" scale . You can dig in and play Hard on it ,and it stays clear and defined. -like no other acoustic I´ve tried - so its no wonder it gets to go all the partys and used gigs. Honest play wear, Its been broken and fixed - still nr 1. Must admit I have only seen one other , over here , new in a store in Oslo. I tried it , it sounded even better than mine ! Oh and the Ladys love color. If lost ,stolen or destroyed , I´d get another one.


At the Hog .Andy the sales man and my brother ( J-200 Elvis) and me. 2 Happy Campers


Go head , comment on those back ground Gretschs


Another Gibson acoustic owner here (J29). That Dove looks amazing and must sound even better. As I like to say, when Gibson gets it wrong, they really get it wrong, but when they get it right they get you to another plane of tone and playability.


Waiting for part 2!



I haven't retired the 1960 J-50 I have, but I don't think I'll be dragging it out as much as I'm putting the new to me 65/66 Kay 6175 through it's paces, and it's a surprisingly good replacement.

I credit that to the K&K mini in there. Definitely a thinner tone than the Gibson, but kick up the bass a notch and you're in a good spot.

Anyway, I'm still chopping on the Gibson, and experimenting with some alternate tunings, picking on a little Nick Drake here and there

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