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My Ghetto Duesenberg


I love the look of the pickups in those guitars, but not enough to spend the $$$ on one of them. So I found a couple of cheapo similar looking pickups on eBay and installed them into an Ibanez Artcore. I also replaced all four of the pots with CTS, which was a pain in the rump, not only because I had to work outside the f-hole, but the pot shafts are a different diameter than the originals which meant I had to open the holes up in the body and order new knobs (also dirt cheap on eBay). To make matters more frustrating, I dropped washers and other hardware into the body and removing them was like that old game of Operation that we had as kids...


It appears the ends justify the means. It looks great!


I'm looking into the Duesenberg Multibender.


I'm looking into the Duesenberg Multibender.

– DCBirdMan

I have about three guitars on my "when I run into a whole bunch of money all at once" list, and a Duesenberg blue sparkle Starplayer TV is one of them. The other two are a Gretsch black Duo Jet, and a simple Gibson Les Paul Standard, sunburst, like I had in my 20's and sold like an idiot.


I'm looking into the Duesenberg Multibender.

– DCBirdMan

You should get one.

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