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my Demented World of doublenecks


The Korean Epiphone was tweaked to the max out of a 6/12 and is peformance quality. This is a bolt on neck version and guitar neck is on top where it belongs

Very happy with it. It gets used a lot.

The "Gibson" set neck 6/4 straight outta the smoking/smoldering factories deep in China took some tweaking to play decently but they honked a full scale bass neck on it, and the body is thicker than normal. For those reasons, it is a back breaking 15 1/2 pounds... What a BEAST. The 12 pound Epiphone feels like featherweight by comparison. We did put a DiMarzio in the neck position for better sound.

One guy suggest it be sawed in half up the middle and have a 2/3 of an SG and 2/3 EB bass.

Still I am sort of fond of it..although it's not a long term item. I am still at a loss / unable to figure out why they would copy a virtually unknown special order from the 60s (EBS-1250) that fewer than 40 were made over a 10-11 year period.


I like the Epiphone DCBirdMan, I think I'd prefer it over the "Gibsun". They definitely are an odd lot. I've seen quite a few copies of the 6/12 Jimmy Page SG, but I've not ever seen a 6/4, other than in pictures. These are fun oddities, kind of neat to pull out and stimulate conversation.


i've mentioned this before, but i saw one of Captain Beefheart's guitarists--i believe it was Winged Eel Fingerling, aka Elliot Ingber--playing a Gibson doubleneck with a short-scale bass neck on top when i saw the Captain in 1972. i've never seen another.


why they would copy a virtually unknown special order from the 60s (EBS-1250) that fewer than 40 were made over a 10-11 year period.

They didn't know the scant originals had a short-scale neck. Someone told someone to build a bass/6-string doubleneck SG, and they assumed it would have the more common long-scale bass neck most people play, and with which they were most familiar.


Well, it's a fun time go around w/ these. We have US Gibson buckers in the Epi, but still need US Gibson bass pickups on the bass side.

The other is just going to stay as is.


I used to lust after a Jeff Cook sig series Peavey Hydra (12/6 incarnation) until one day I got a chance to heft one...

I'm about 5'8" with slightly out-of-proportion legs (ie- short) and my Chet makes me look even shorter, but at least it's managable.

Not so the Hydra. In addition to the sheer mass of the thing, the weight must have been more than 12 pounds (wish I could recall the exact weight), 'way too much for a 4-hour gig.

Still, if I was three inches taller and in decent shape (like a lumberjack or similar) I might still consider some sort of double-neck.



OMG, you could probably cause a sinkhole if you dropped a doubleneck Peavey in your backyard.


The original demented doubleneck -- 1963 Gretsch Bikini.


More. Check out those stingers!


Saw this at a show a few years ago. Think the bass scale is 29". And I believe this would be the only HiLotron equipped bass -- ever! OHSC too.


Always wanted one -- $2500 most I"d spend for clean/complete -- w/ wings. Bass thru a HiLo Tron --killer tone!

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