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Mudbuckers R Us


...or R me, anyway.


These reissues were cooler than the 1950s original EB-1s. Would love one of these but can't quite pull the trigger at this price. When ones like this show up on ebay @ no reserve they're in the $2650-$2900 range.

What is interesting to me is the early reissue scene that started in 1968 ... the first gold tops and black beauty Les Pauls, and '68 was first year for the Telecaster Bass (original Precision design).

1969 was the EB-1 reissue... there was some interest in them over a decade after the last ones in 1957/58. Some people say the EB-1 reissue was because of the attention it got with Felix Pappilardi in Mountain, but it was out shortly before Mountain came on the scene in mid 1969, so it was really other reasons.

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