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Mosrite Mark V vs Mark II


I actually did a search at the Mosrite forum and Google and didn't find anything. I found Mark I vs. Mark V but no Mark II vs. Mark V information.

I believe there are two type of Mark II models. One with German Carved body and one that, well isn't and different pickups. Wasn't Johnny Ramone's the non German Carved body model?

Okay so the German Carved body Mark II looks to me like the Mark V in many ways but I could guess there must be differences. Please advise on the differences. I think I see the German Carved Mark II models going for more than the Mark V models when I see them on the Bay or on Reverb.



Correct, there were two Mark IIs. The first is the slab body model made famous by Johnny Ramone. A few hundred of these were made before the carved top model Mark II was introduced. This Mark II is the same guitar as the Mark V. At some point the neck pocket was lengthened on the carved top model, but I don't believe this coincided with the Mark II - Mark V transition.


Mel thank you for the info. I posted this at the Mosrite Forum but posted here too because I noticed people don't reply at all to post sometimes and even though this board focuses on Gretsch we do have very knowledgeable people such as you here in other guitar types. You are a surf pro guitarist so makes sense you know Mosrite too.

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