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Mosrite Mark V Alert On eBay


I recently, well about 4 months ago bought a Mosrite Mark V in red. 1965 Ventures model. Now there is a Mark V on eBay. No,not mine, I am not selling mine. I would not normally do an alert like this but the price is very good. I have NFI (No Financial Interest (I learned that term from Billy Zoom)).

$1,500 BIN and the shipping is reasonable. The starting bid is $1,000. Even if one buys it for the BIN it's a great deal. Comes with soft case so it's not an original case. Mine came with original case but I paid after shipping $2,159. So mine was a lot more and wish I had waited then again mine came with original hard shell case so that's worth something, huh?

I noticed from prices of these in the past that they do go as low as $1,500 up to about $2,200 depending on the condition and what sort of case it comes with and of course just the day and time of the market. The $1,500 models I have seen have been ones with non-original parts such as new tuners or missing trem arm or even scratches and dents or chips. This one looks a lot better for a $1,500 Mark V than I have seen at this price in the past.

I suppose I could have waited for a great deal and passed up on mine and this would have come along or another but then again I like having original case.

If you like it I would not bid on it but just do the BIN because the price is very good and if a bidding war happens it can go over the $1,500 BIN or someone may just BIN and you may lose it. Great price I think.

I think Mosrites aren't really big in demand in the vintage market. I think it's in this order -

Gibson/Fender Gretsch Rickenbacker Guild Kay/Harmony/Silvertone Framus and others after that

Your opinion may vary.

See auction -



I think they would be more in demand if they weren't so heavy. I had one and it was a boat anchor. Sounded nice, though.


The Mark I models are far more desirable than the Mark Vs, both because the Ventures used them and because the upper neck accessibility is far superior. Still, that does seem like a good price for a Mark V.

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