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Gretsch 6128T Hardware - Nickel or Chrome


Hey all,

Looking to upgrade my 6128T pickups with some TV Jones Classic Plus in the bridge.

Does anyone know if the stock hardware, specifically stock filtertron pickup covers are nickel or chrome? They seem chrome to me.

Thanks, Peter


According to the 2006 Gretsch catalog, hardware on the 6128T is chrome. My guess is they would have used chrome in subsequent years as well.

2006 was the last year (to my knowledge) that detailed specs of all models were listed.


Chrome. Nickel is only used on a couple of models. The SSLVO is the only one I can think of off the top of my head. The nickel hardware is used to emulate worn vintage gold hardware (which wears off to reveal the nickel undercoat).


Appreciate the help guys! Now off to TV Jones land

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