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more fun w/ demented doublencks


Looks like recent Epi EB-0 fretless and fretted... if this isn't a Photoshop idea someone had.


DCBirdMan, you go thru SO much product and seem to never be satisfied.

But I gotta admit, I started building amps over 20 years ago in a singular attempt to find THE amp I was hearing in my head.

Still haven't found it.


I really slowed down --pretty found what I wanted in guitars after kicking Telecasters to curb at the turn of century.. but only after a 20+ year hard addiction. Then there was 10 years in the Hi Lo Tron Gretsch scene, followed 5 years of Gibson hollowbodies, and now contentment is mine with the two Rick 650s a six and custom made 12 string... (and that B-bender Les Paul Special, and a T Bird bass.

Now the quest turns to amps -- the new build I have is good, and it got way better once I got a correctly rated speaker in it... now just would like to try out a few 6 watters (mid 60s Gibson Skyark, Magantone 410 -- getting close to making a deal, and the elusive tube Pathfinder.

Still want a performance worthy 6/4 doubleneck, tho.

Keep cranking out new designs!

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