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Modified Jerry Donahue Telecaster


I first modified this Fender Japan JD Tele by adding two mini-humbuckers to the standard bridge pickup. It sounded good, but I decided the tone wasn't what I wanted. After some trial and error, I settled on this variation on a Nashville Tele with a P-90 in place of the standard Tele neck pickup. I'm pleased with the results.


That looks great. I have 2 MIJ 62 Customs, one with standard vintage tele pickups and one from 1985 which the previous (original) owner had modified with Lollar pickups (tele bridge and PAF style humbucker at the neck). I love them both, and now I want one of these!

I saw Danny Kortchmar with Carole King in 2016 and he had a Nashville style thinline.

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