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Minnesota Guitar Show


For the first time in years, there will be a Minnesota guitar show, the Great River Guitar Show September 7-8 in Red Wing. Many small builders and shops scheduled to be there.

Here's the link for more info:



Might have to go....Red Wing is nice too!


Now THAT looks like a really fun show. Lots of small/boutique builders -- per the photos, it appears you will see some real works of art.

While I enjoy the Philly shows, I often wish there were more exhibitors like this. In prior years there had been a few (Artinger Guitars, etc.) but precious few in recent shows.


Plus 1 on what Senojnad said.


Might have to go....Red Wing is nice too!

– hilosean

I plan on going Sunday.

Apparently it’s in conjunction with the Red Wing guitar program , Which trains future techs and builders. My favorite guitar tech in the Twin Cities, Ted Vig of Vig Guitars In Saint Paul, is a graduate.

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