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MIM Standard Tele Opinions Sought


I have a line on a Standard Tele MIM for a decent price. I almost bought the FSR MIM ash model. You might have seen the thread I started on this. I decided in the end that model is not for me. Looks great but I'm not bonding with that model.

Just curious what you stele guys think of this MIM Standard model. I suppose what's important is that I like it. I do but any of you seasoned Tele players can tell me of any shortcomings of it. It's not an American Standard, I get that but this is a guitar in my price range.



Actually it looks just like this, color and all.


I've got the Wilko Johnson MIM Tele, apart from the rosewood board being a little dry its a cracking guitar. Wilko uses his for touring.


My MIM Tele is my go-to guitar. Of course the only original parts now are the neck plate and the control plate, but it's been a long process of replacing one bit at a time. A true "Tele of Theseus" if you will.

Anyways, it was already awesome in its stock, factory form. I played it for a long time like that, but I've had a lot of fun making it my own. In my opinion the only mod that needs to be done is replacing the standard bridge with the classic "ashtray" style.


I almost picked up a MIM tele to mod, but ended up with a 50's Baja Tele, right out of the box the soft V-shaped neck profile, 4-way switching, S1 switch and pickups are amazing. I grabbed a nice blonde off sweetwater for no interest financing.


I also think the Classic Vibe Teles I've played are better than the MIM teles I've played.


I had the same tele in your video. I believe it was a 2012 or 2013. Playability-wise, I thought it was great. Felt very comfortable playing. Component-wise(bridge, pups, etc) it'll work just fine how it is. I had put a Wilkinson 3 saddle bridge on it, but actually went back to the stock one. For pickups, I prefer more twangy pickups than the stock ones, but the stock ones are good all-arounders. If you get a good deal for a decent amount under list, you'll have yourself a good guitar in almost all cases. I only sold it to fund getting PA equipment. Like MacStevenXIII said, check out the Classic Vibe series as well. I have played that tele and it's a lot of fun. I also bought the P Bass in that line to have a decent but inexpensive bass around for recording. I find it to be an awesome value. Good luck!


There are bad Teles out there?

I kid, but only partially. I have a classic 50s Tele (MIM) that's pretty cool once you get over the fact that truss rods at the heel is a spec that needs to die. I've swapped the controls and have a new bridge pickup to install, but it plays and feels fine.

I also have an Affinity Squier that I took on the road wherever my last plane went. I'd take the neck off, throw it in my bag with a new set of strings, and whenever I arrived somewhere (usually sandy), I'd put it together. When the controls finally did give up, I re-wired it to Les Paul wiring and loved the tone. I also like the stock pickups.

I played a friend's MIA standard and it was great, and a Deluxe (now Elite) that was the easiest playing Tele ever.

G&L makes great Teles too - especially their imported ones. I like them more than the USA ones.

Seems hard to go wrong with a Tele.


Today's MIM teles are 99% of what the MIA teles are. I own both. I have ZERO desire to own an MIA over an MIM from a quality standpoint.

I also own a Squire 72VM tele... and it's 90% of what an MIA is.


Both the MIM Baja Teles (50's and 60's) are excellent, no upgrade needing Tele's with Custom Shop pu's. If you are not married to the idea of a "Fender" Tele a lot of people really like the G&L Tribute import line and find them to be superior to the Fender MIM Standards. The Tributes come with the same USA made pickups as the the US models. Great thing about Teles, don't have to pay a lot of $$$ to get something good.


Yeah, no difference between MIM and MIA...except a better price.

I have a MIM Telecaster -- The Joe Strummer signature model -- and my friend has a MIA Telecaster. Mine sounds better. (Mine does have vintage pickups and vintage bridge...me thinks that makes the big difference.) Go ahead and buy away that MIM Tele. You'll be happy because the guitar will be top notch and you will have saved some dough.

My made in Mexico Tele:


How about a used stock MIM Cabronita Surf Green? Fidelitrons, single volume, 3-way, yadda-yadda. Discontinued.

I haven't played it yet since I was in a hurry.

I'm about to snag it for $330, but decided to "think" first.



I like the looks of the custom shop cabronitas, but when I played the MIM ones, I wasn't impressed. Just me, though.


I like the looks of the custom shop cabronitas, but when I played the MIM ones, I wasn't impressed. Just me, though.

– Pappy

My MIM Cabronita Thinline rules- it's 99% what my MIA is.


I bought the MIM Tele in LPB. Pick up on 9th January after police hold passes.

I liked the FSR Tele MIM but I felt like I got along better with the Standard. Was less expensive. Also I felt the FSR pickups didn't sound as Tele believe it or not although down the line I may change the pickups on this one but for now these sound good enough.

I like it and even the pickups are good enough but if I did change pickups, which Fender Tele pickups would you recommend?

51 RI, Twisted Tele or a diff Fender P/U model?

Thank You

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