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MIK Danelectro…anybody have one?


I have been looking at these inexpensive Dano reissues for years. I think production may have been in China, now apparently Korea.

Anybody have one?

Any comments worth relaying?



I've three Dano's.

A 56 U2, U3 and a 56 Pro.

The 56 U2 is my favourite by far. It has the same size neck as the U3 but the U3 has narrower string spacing so wierdly feels smaller. The three pickup set up doesn't sound as good as the two and is currently strung Nashville style. The 56 Pro has a wider neck and the pickups are voiced to sound more modern. I would buy more if I could.


The first reissues were made in Korea and had the best lipstick pickups of them all, then production moved to China, then back to Korea.

I have a baby blue U2 and although the weird bridge (with the wooden saddle) slightly bent due to its construction it's a great little guitar for certain styles. Get one!


I have a red U2 that Ipicked up for my birthday back in '98. It was the first new electric guitar I ever bought. I payed $140 bucks out the door with the Danelectro 'tweed' gig bag. The p/u selector works intermittently, but the thing is fun to play!


I had a Korean U2. I was easily able to replace the bent bridge. The Korean one sounded better and felt better than the later Chinese ones. This was the only blue guitar I ever owned and the only guitar that I thought had any business being blue.


I've got a US made '61 Convertible, and had a Silvertone Amp in case back in the Sixties. The new import versions seem about the same tho there were some subtle differences in the body construction. The originals were about the best shielded guitars I've ever seen, but I don't know if the repros are built the same. All of the controls in mine are shielded in a copper foil box. Nat Daniels' legacy is amazing.


Been thinkin' about scoring either a Gretsch 12-string or one of the Danos. Haven't priced a Gretsch yet.


I've got two Danoblaster Innuendo models... not reissues, but a new model in its own right, made in Korea in the early 2000's. They are rather Strat-like in setup and playability, with cheesy optional onboard effects and stereo output. Lots of fun but no great loss if they meet misfortune.


I had the "futuristic" one that came out about 5 years ago. Over all OK, I wasn't wild about the volume reduction that happens in the middle position. That guitar also had real limited fret access. I had an amp in case model in the '60s and also had a "dolphin nose" bass that really rocked. The new Dano-not so much. I moved it pretty quickly.


I thought they started in Korean 1998-thru early 2Ks, then stopped fora while and came back from China. Did not know if they went back to Korea or if they now come from both places. Never used the guitars, but the early Longhorn basses are great. Grab a clean one while ya can.


Had a Chinese one, poor, sold it & scored a 90s Korean one. Loads better. The Chinese ones have the jack o.p on the side, Koreans on the 'guard, easy to identify. photo IMG_1906.jpg


as said..90's to early 2000's were best..korean made and to orig spec mostly...the pickups are now offered as premiums..

they then went to chinese made..and replaced the wood bridge and did certain "player friendly" mods...the pickups were different, and not well thought of

fairly recently they went back to being korean made..and issue in smaller batches at a time..the few i've tried have been nice

they are run by evets out of socal..and have a good reputation for standing behind their products..they do snark tuners as well



Maybe two years ago Danos came out with supposedly rediscovered pickups from the late 90's. I tried one and it wasn't bright at all. It also lacked that weird hollow sound that my Chinese DC-3 had. I sounded more like a solid body. Weird. The fit and finish were nice.


I have been looking at these inexpensive Dano reissues for years. I think production may have been in China, now apparently Korea.

Anybody have one?

Any comments worth relaying?


– Twangmeisternyc

Yes. Great guitars.

I have a Hodad, the prior release (currently they have a headstock truss rod access point) From 1998-2001 made in Korea

The 2007-2008 are China made.

Great guitar. It is well worth the $165 I paid for a mint used one. Sounds good, plays well, looks TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL


I used to sell these when Evets Corporation first reissued them. This is the '56 U2 in copperburst. I can't remember the cutsey names they had for the finishes (other than "Commie Red"), but they came in solid and shaded finishes. The aquaburst was sharp.


Think I got a dud. Mine was a convertible, the first year the reissues became available here. Input jack fell out of the guitar ... whole thing was uber cheesy. Disappointing. MD


I had a few MIK U2s, an MIK U1, and an MIK MOD 7. They were pretty decent guitars, and despite the fact that I need another guitar like I need a hole in my head, I wouldn't mind having another Dano. The MIK and the MIC Danos I've had, were all decent playing guitars. Some players feel the MIKs (which were what the reissues were, until about 2006 or 2007), sound better, due to them not having pickups as hot as the MICs have.

Nothing sounds quite like a Dano, which is what makes them cool IMO.


I still have one original one, and I've had some Korean and Chinese ones. The Chinese ones are too crappy indeed. The "original" 90's Korean ones were a little nicer, and the current Korean ones are too.

Compared to 50's and 60's Danos, the pickups in all the reissues suck. While certainly not "hot" pickups, the originals weren't as wimpy and thin as the reissue's pickups would have you believe. Duncan lipsticks are great replacements for any reissue.

If you can afford it and you want an über dano, get a Jerry Jones. Unlike a lot of guitar manufacturers, they managed to get rid of some of the less elegant aspects of old Danos, but managed to keep the sound intact 100%. I have a JJ Longhorn six-string bass, and I'm never getting rid of that one, it's an awesome instrument.


Yup, Walter-- I concur. The Jerry Jones stuff is Ace.


Another shout out for Jerry Jones. My JJ baritone is something special ... felt and played so good in the store, I forgot to try it plugged in. Turns out it sounds just as good as it plays. MD


I have one of the new Danos with the reissue pickups…hey, I needed an orange guitar, and this one looks like a cream sickle!

I was half-expecting crap, but it has a very nice neck and looks good, if a bit "toy-like." It's really a fun little thing to play. I am not crazy about the pickups. They are too trebly and tinny for my taste, but to put that into context, I think the same thing about T.V. Jones Classics, so many of you might like these. I had an old Silvertone Dano Hornet from 1966-67, and those pickups didn't sound enormously better to me, at least as I remember them. Too bad I don't still have it around to compare. I think the fact that I grew up with Gibsons makes me tend toward fatter sounding pickups. If you are into surf music, and on a budget, this would be a great little guitar to use.


i've buy a chinese model few years ago. Not my best guitar. I've sold it quickly


I have 2 MIK Dano's, a stock black U2 Bari and a silver sparkle U3 that I retrofitted with a Bari neck. They are both fantastic instruments


I have a Silver Sparkle U3 with the 6 string bass neck as well. I thought mine was the only one.


I have one from the 60's and have played many of the reissues. These were corny guitars from the beginning, but the oldies, obviously, have something going on. The reissues I've played captured that ghetto vibe we love, but the pickups don't come close. I don't know what it is, but there's magic in those old lipstick tubes. Jerry Jones came closer, but he had to charge a lot for a masonite...er...mother-of-pegboard...guitar.

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