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Martin neck reset


Who is the best person in The HIstory of the World to do a neck reset on a 1974 D-18?


I had the factory do my D12-35 at age 46. I combined the Drop-off with the Shop Tour. They shipped it back to me. Took about 10 weeks.

They planed the board, new frets, new nut, new compensated saddle, as well as filling, cleaning up, and renewing the bridge pin holes. They probably took the bridge off as part of all that, cannot recall...


I contacted Martin several years ago about getting work done on my D41. They recommended a local (within 10 miles of my home) "authorized..." Martin repair guy who did GREAT work. Not a neck reset but.....

The guy was (is) Matt Artinger (Artinger Guitars) in Emmaus, PA. Martin did a Matt Artinger special model a few years ago.

Point is -- for me at least they didn't push me off on anybody. Worth a phone call or email.....


Is this a trick question? Curt Wilson, of course.


Our niebors son set every martin neck made in nazareth for almost his entire career. I dont know if he retired yet. Wonderful family.


I trusted curt with my dads guitar. He did a fantastic job. Wouldnt let anyone else do it.


George Youngblood is good enough for Stephen Stills' Martins, should be good enough for you as well. Paul Neri does fantastic work as well.


I have a guy in Vancouver who did a stellar job in my 1971 D28 .PM me if you need info.


Find the guy nearest that has the highest number done under his belt, this is an operation where experience counts. I've heard enough about Curt to say it'd be in safe hands. Good luck!


Thanks for all the suggestions. Will evaulate... kinda have to sell the 2005 Martin D-1 for$600 or so pay for it.

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