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Martin F-65


Hi. I found a Martin F-65 for sale online about an hour drive away. I’ve done a lot of reading about these. It was listed for $1500CDN (roughly $1200USD) and I negotiated down to $1200CDN (~$950USD) if I come in the next 3 days. He still has the original plexi bridge. It’s a lot of cash for me right now, but still very tempted as these don’t seem to pop up anywhere. They apparently come with dynasonic pickups. Sounds like acoustic Martin afficiandos hate them, but other electric lovers think they’re pretty sweet, despite the weird heel where the neck connects, and also the fact that there is no truss rod. Any other insight into these? Should I jump on it assuming it’s legit? I’d want to check serial number and make sure it’s the original pickups, but any other thoughts or insights I’d be grateful.


I only ever got the chance to play one once when a local guy had it listed on Craigslist. It sounded kind of muffled plugged in, and was set up so horribly with rusty old strings that it was nearly impossible to form much of an opinion about it. The guy wanted more for it than I was willing to shell out. That said, I can't imagine that a well built thinline hollowbody with two DeArmond pickups wouldn't be an excellent starting point for something special. And the neck joint would't bother me much. It's joined around the 15th fret, which is about where most neck joints are on guitars I've owned. It kind of udercuts the benefit of a the double cutaways, and it looks like they probably could have moved the joint up 3-4 frets without too much trouble, but it still wouldn't bother me.


I find them homely as all get out (omg that brown color), but they sound pretty good. Fairly rare too. That's a great price for one.


They were the hot lick in '66 can ya relate


The one in the clip was the later GT-70/5 which had an adjustable truss rod. The earlier version F60/50 version did have a truss rood but not adjustable. I tried one out years ago and thought it sounded great. The price the op listed sounds good -- if the truss rod has no issues.


I find them homely as all get out (omg that brown color), but they sound pretty good. Fairly rare too. That's a great price for one.

– spike

Homely?!! Okay, yeah, I kind of get it. Certainly not as elegant and timeless as the Fender/Gibson/Gretsch designs, but that's sort of their charm - slightly misexecuted, vaguely space age design that winds up being kitschy cool.


Hah, yes, they are fairly odd looking from what I can tell, but I like the gangly look of it - from the pics I’ve seen anyway - haven’t held it in hand yet. From a few brief exchanges, the seller seems legit, and willing to provide info and has apparently gigged with it fairly steadily - so it should hopefully have a proper setup, and no neck issues. He says it has the original pickups, which I believe should be dynasonics. I play a lot, but my knowledge of hardware is fairly limited. Anyway, I’m going to check it out, and if it feels and sounds good I think I’ll grab it. Thanks for the and insights, and please feel free to add any further thoughts.


From the limited info I’m finding, anywhere in the $1500USD range is reasonable. So assuming the guitar is in decent condition this seems like a pretty solid deal.


If you don’t like it, I’d be interested. What part of Canada?


I picked it up today outside of Winnipeg. I think I’m already in love with it, but if I do decide to let it go - I’ll certainly let you know Paul Pigat.

I was a little apprehensive about the trussless neck, but it looks straight and true to me, and feels amazingly similar to my D-15 acoustic. The original plexi movable bridge is broken, and the one on there doesn’t seem to be great - and looks like it needs to be sanded to get t to sit flat. but he gave me another bridge to experiment with - or I’ll just find a new one. I just need to read up on where exactly to position it. .

The pickups sound fantastic, and the electronics Appear to be good. It’s definitely a guitar that’s been played, and is far from mint, but from what I can tell, it’s been kept in working order, and any issues aside from the bridge appear to be cosmetic... crazing and some areas where the laquer or laminate has peeled off. Those are my first impressions anyway. Will update if I stumble upon anything significant. Thanks again for the input. I’m pretty happy with this acquisition.


Congratulations!! Pics please!!!


Well of course Martin acoustic had no truss rods til mid 80s-- w/ much heavier strings... still I too get nervous about having an old guitar w no adjustment to the neck execpt if it's a cheap one where that's expected.


I’m not much of a photographer but here it is...


It came with the original raised pick guard, but the guy had it off - I think I like it like that. Will put it on one of these days.


I just contacted Tim at Tru-Arc for a new bridge, the the original plexi one is broken. Although I was given that as well.


Tim seemed super helpful, and had lots of input. I just need to decide out what material will sound the best. Can’t wait to set it up.


It definitely came out of the factory with a Frankenstein neck. It’s not pretty, but I like it, feels just like the neck of my D-15 acoustic. I guess I won’t know for sure until I get the bridge, but despite no truss, it feels straight and solid.


as far as I can tell, everything except the bridge are original.


That is a very cool instrument. Yes, the early ones look like the neck is a bit crude but like u said, it feels like an old Martin. Enjoy a great guitar!


Looks like a fun guitar. Congrats


My lady's girlfriend Linda has one of these. She inherited it from her late uncle, who was a workaday musician in Vancouver BC and Seattle from the 50's into the 70's..

She keeps it in its original case literally in the closet and has no desire to part with it. he did pull it out a while back so I could take a couple pf cellphone pics and give it a quick once-over... Everything works on it. Not sure that the pickguard is original, and of course the clear bridge is gone. Otherwise...


I had the pleasure of playing one at Matt Umanov’s in NYC some years back.

After looking at it I wondered “ what the hell is this damn thing?” I plugged it into a Fender amp ( Blues Deluxe I think), played it clean and loved it! The “woodsy” tone on just the neck pup really had me and think I was on it for almost 2 hours ( before they said either buy it or get out..... a standard occurrence whenever I walked in there).

Why didn’t I buy it? The look from my wife when she came into the store accompanied by an emphatic “NO”. Like a puppy with his tail between his legs, I obeyed.

Congrats..... they are sweet!!!!


Nice score! I love the look of these; with the exception of the mismatched, trad Martin headstock. It's as though The Jetsons meet Lil Abner . . .


Funny as they may look, those are some pretty cool guitars. Another guitar I shoulda gotten when they were dead cheap!

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