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Look What I’ve Done!!! :)


Another Experiment Done! 8-)

I've had this Squier Fiesta Red Vintage Modified Jaguar for along time now and I just couldn't get behind the stock pickups ,,, so had been pondering, what kind of pickups should I replace those stock Duncan humbuckers with? ... and suddelnly it dawned on me, Why not try "Hilo Trons".

Looks like they'd be the right size too with little modifying of the guitar.

I like the sound of The Tennessean anyway and TV Jones makes some good "HiLo Trons", so last week I got a pair off the bay and they arrived today ,, So this evening, I did the transplant, with a little bit of elbow grease and widening the pickguard cavities a tiny bit and putting in blocks of wood underneath and some foam to raise the pups closer to the strings, so about two hours ago, I finally got a finished product and tested it ,,, and I was very pleasantly surpised!

All turned out thumbs up!

Very Nice Sound!

Another Successful Project!

May put up a Video or too later after final adjustments!

One thing I did notice is that's its very important to get the pole pieces facing the right direction or it can really change the character of sound.

Not in a bad way but different.

At first, I had the neck pickup pole pieces facing towards the neck, which didn't sound bad ,,,but not quite there like a 6119 Tenny.

More open sounding?

So later, I reversed the neck Hiltron pickup and now this guitar really has that "Tenny" Mojo!

Much more solid sounding!

Even better and louder then my original 1967 Tennessean!

Quite Nice!

Hey, What a good Idea I've been saying to myself all night :)

*I can also think of this Project as a makeshift 60's Gretsch Corvette!

A nice project tonight being that it has been pouring rain outside all evening!


Picture #2

Reversed the Pole pices on the neck pickup.

Sounds better and more solid!

Hey, I Think this Guitar is a Player!!! 8-)


Operated like a true Dr. !

The patient came out of surgery better than ever. :-)


Those are pretty killer guitars. I just sold one from my store the other day. I can't believe how light they are! I've got cases heavier than this thing. Can't wait to hear the HiLos in there man. I had one in the bridge of my SG, and a Strat at one point. I wish I would have kept it and bought a neck pup too. Maybe someday.

Cool project Doc!


looks really cool..great idea

good tinkering for this pacific storm soaked weekend



Good work Dr.! Can't wait to hear it.


Can't wait to hear it.


Some more pictures!

I've been working all morning trying to get a good audio Demo and it's hard :)

You know how you get so self critical sometimes?


Some more pictures!

I've been working all morning trying to get a good audio Demo and it's hard!

You know how you get so self critical sometimes and hit yourself over the head?


now, that is a hip idea. the HiLos even LOOK right in there.


Looks quite nice, Doc! BTW, the rain hasn't hit socal just yet and it's now 1:30 PM. Very, very light drizzle, but no torrential downpours as predicted yet....I always get a kick out listening to how it's raining in norcal, but the rain still hasn't moved south yet. Looks like another guitar project success!!!!


That is one FINE sounding guitar!


Great idea, I just played one of those guitars recently. It sounded alright with the duncans in it. For $250 I should go and buy it and try the same thing


If I were to put a bigsby on one of those, could I keep the brige? waddayathink?

PD Sounds fantastic! It has the singlecoil vintage sound in spades!



Do they break up easier in a solid body?


Sounds like I'd imagine (before even listening) it to sound... Great.

Maybe Fender/Gretsch will get around to doing something in a ComfyContoured Fender/Squier slab.

I smile reading your posts in this thread and listening to your vids with this guitar, DrGretsch. It was my pre-CBSJag in the 70s and 80s not sounding like my Tennie that got me in gear in training ComfyCountouredSlabs to speak Gretchese via the operating table when I started playing again after an over ten year layoff.


As Mac said, they even look right in that guitar. And the sound is a million bucks worth of aural heaven.

A transplant worthy of replication!



Way too cool!


Doc...Nice gambit of playing styles for the demo. I am surprised at the mellow hollow body sound you're getting out of an inexpensive solid body fender. great Stuff!


That is a really great sounding guitar. Excellent work, Dr!!

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