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adjusting the height of hs filtertron


Adjusting the height of hs FilterTron pickups on a 6121-1959 chet atkins? that it is the height of the microphones?


I don't quite understand the question.... Maybe this will help?


I think your first language may be French Try posting your question in your own language and another member is sure to answer you in the same language.

Je pense que votre première langue peut être Français Essayer poster votre question dans votre propre langue et un autre membre est sûr de vous répondre dans la même langue.

or try this (Which is what I did)

(Edit) I hope I didn't come across as condescending...was not my intenetion...I just want his issue addressed


I usually set the pole pieces like this:

---- ------ ---- -----

--- -----

Going from low to high. Basically lowest on the low E and G, highest on the D and high E and in between on the A and B. This makes the volume on all strings equal because the thicker core strings have lowest pole pieces and the thinner have the highest. You have to play around with this slightly because strings vary a bit based on gauge and manufacturer and alloy...and the strings will arc corresponding to the fretboard radius.

I usually have both pole pieces corresponding to a given string the same height. Having one higher than the other seems to create a phasing issue than makes the tone thin for me.

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