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Les Paul Madness


I listed my ObG Les Paul Standard on Reverb. It's been available on Garage Sale for a while. The questions I've gotten from GDP folks are pretty reasonable. "How much does it weigh?" "How much life is left on the frets?" Stuff like that.

The Les Paul acolytes who have asked questions on Reverb go into detail that borders on obsession. Thank God the pickups still have their covers or I'd have to answer questions about the bobbins.

It's frustrating, but also funny. I think about Lennon requesting a "humberdincker" for his Junior and contrast that with the attention to the minutiae of a Standard.


There are Tweaky Dudes for just about every brand. Good pix show a lot but not enough for some. I'm moderately tweaky w/ some questions, etc but not to the extent of others. I still say Fender Slaves are the worst in this regards.


Whether it is guitars, amps, vintage cars, antique jukeboxes, ham radios or any other hobby, every activity most likely has its obsessed participants. It's the nature of things, me thinks.


you should see the way we Deadheads talk about the arcana of their live performances and tapes LOL. it can go so far down the rabbit hole that the bunnies speak Chinese.


But I thought rabbits were for Airplane fans, not Deadheads.

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